Liberty Bottle Works Message Collection Water Bottle - 24oz from

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The Liberty Bottle Works Message Collection Water Bottle lets you say a few words. Silently. Plus one percent of the profits from the Message Collection go to help grass-roots environmental projects.

Deep-drawn aluminum construction actually rearranges the aluminum's molecular structure in a way that eliminates any distortion and that makes the bottle more durable and less dent-happy than other aluminum bottles
Flexible Food Grade coating makes sure no chips or flakes end up in your drink, and the coating won't leach heavy metal or cause bacteria build-up
1/2-Turn on, 1/2-turn off design for less lid wrestling
Gradually tapered neck for less surprise face-splashing
Despite the tapered neck, the bottle still has a wide mouth for easy cleaning and for ice cubes on hot summer hikes
American-made and made from recycled materials
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