Maruchan Ramen, Shrimp, 3-Ounce Packages (Pack of 24)

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What's the matter?
pun555 May 11, 2012
Bought it.. thanks
ArtemisDeals Apr 30, 2012
I love ramen noodle!! Cant go wrong with a good soup. And you can always add to it :)
ucrual Apr 28, 2012
Listen to a wise cat: buy it! You won't regret.
MrBklynW Apr 27, 2012
awesome, a college students best friend=D
dvinegrace83 Apr 27, 2012
you've made a lot of college students happy =)
nimrodboy3 Apr 27, 2012
yeah..original chicken flavor is my choice..about 10 cents a pack is what i can fancy them up too in so many ways..dry it out..add gyoza..meatballs..chicken..pan fry it when you're done cooking..add veggies..ooh..the possibilities..

it wasn't until years after growing up on this stuff that i had real authentic ramen..MAN..that stuff is yums!
dealwagger Apr 27, 2012
They don't have it available for subscribe & save anymore, so maybe that's why someone thumbed it down. Darn, because I finally started an Amazon Prime account! Thanks, I was just too slow :)
mikhaila Apr 27, 2012
RAMEN, everybody loves Ramen!! Great deal, this will last me for about 2 months!
sra0263 Apr 27, 2012
these are 10 cents a pak at Walmart = 2.40 for a pack of 24
encorez Apr 28, 2012
you are right, I do see these at .10 all the time...
MHT962 Apr 28, 2012
Yeah, I see them on sale for 10 cents. Maybe not that often but occasionally.
arsiel Apr 27, 2012
I prefer the chicken flavor but this is ridiculously cheap. Ramen's cheap to begin with at around $0.50/pack but 24 packs for $3.52?? Ridiculous
canis444 Apr 27, 2012
Shrimp is my favorite flavor!
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glwrks Apr 27, 2012
I used these as packing material for care packages to my kids when they were in college. They filled empty space, added very little weight, and of course they could eat them;)
encorez Apr 27, 2012
had these and in the garbage they went....sorry but chicken are the only ones I like.
heyimdennise Apr 27, 2012
i love Mruchan! this is a really good price!
jasoned Apr 27, 2012
Just seeing this gives me flashbacks of my poor college days. I lived off of Ramen Noodles. This is a great price even for back then.