Nokia Lumia 900 Black for AT&T - Target Mobile (FREE + Make $80)

Includes instant discount with an AT&T contract extension and select service plans + Free Standard Shipping via FedEx

Pair this with the $100 Credit from Nokia for the glitch Click Here for Details

FREE w/ -$80 AT&T Bill Credit!
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What's the matter?
additc Apr 12, 2012
This is Facebook worthy, gonna share on my feed.
ReturninVideoTps Apr 12, 2012
I think the Lumia isn't getting enough credit. They're going to capitalize on a market of people that don't want or can't afford iPhones and decent androids
nihar1991 Apr 11, 2012
the deal is quite not bad
you can buy if you like nokia product
encorez Apr 11, 2012
Would you buy a car if the engine didn't work, but you would get a rebate until they fixed it?
nthsll Apr 12, 2012
I thought they had a fix for it, and the rebate was for the inconvenience of having to update the software. Is that not true?
idbar Apr 12, 2012
Would you buy a phone if you knew the signal dropped when you hold it in a particular way? A hardware problem didn't seem to be tragic to Apple, I don't see why a software glitch (that may not even show itself under certain conditions) is any worse.

Yet Apple customers received bumpers to avoid the issue and they seem happy (note the bumpers probably cost lest than $10 to produce, while Nokia is giving $100 rebates).

Yes, I think I'd give it a try.