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Portable Air Conditioner Buying Tips

Portable air conditioners provide efficient cooling for smaller areas, and some of today's more energy-efficient models can even handle larger spaces with ease. The key to purchasing the right portable air conditioner is to correctly determine how much cooling you need. Many consumers make the mistake of assuming that more power is always better, but this isn't always the case.

The Importance of BTUs

If you purchase a portable air conditioner with a higher BTU rating than needed, the unit will cycle off too quickly and not properly remove humidity from the air. Moreover, a portable AC with an insufficient number of BTUs will not adequately cool a room. That's why experts often advise consumers to pay close attention to a room's floor plan in order to figure out how many BTUs the space requires.

How to Size a Portable Air Conditioner

Calculating a portable AC unit's BTU requirements is simple. First determine the room's square footage by multiplying its length by width, then look to the chart below to get a general idea of how many BTUs you need. We've also included some portable air conditioner recommendations based on room size to make your purchasing decision easier:
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