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Receive a No Risk 14 Day Trial of the No Flame E-Cig

Use Promo Code: "VAPOR" and Pay Only $4.95 S&H.

Just remember to return it when you are done with it.

Probably no where near as good as Blu.
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seamus231 Aug 24, 2015
Date Occurred: 05/28/2015Reported Damages: $99.99Username: vkulishEmail: vkulish2001@yahoo.comLocation: ! by fraud steal my credit card information and charge my account for $99.99 on May 28, 2015 without my authorization. I did not gave them permission to charge me.What they offer free of charge and just shipping charge was a scam. Very disappointed and need a full refund. This company should be charge for this fraud and pay penalty to the customers it cheat.

Anonymous SBID #6700ff90ad
Posted 07/07/2015
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seamus231 Aug 24, 2015
By the way check scambook for real reviews.
seamus231 Aug 24, 2015
Do not fall for this once they get card details you r screwed got this a couple of years ago thinking cheap trial then couldn't stop the next order coming in the end I had to report card lost to stop them drawing money stay clear.!!!!!
DzEyezGreen Apr 13, 2013
SOME PEOPLE SMH ^ ... anyway for all others, DO NOT FALL FOR FREE TRIAL!!! I actually just called to CANCEL and the rep on the phone made it close to impossible. .. I can be very direct right back, she just would NOT CANCEL AND DEMANDED THAT I EXTEND MY TRIAL for another 40 DAYS to try! After asking/then telling I DO NOT WANT for 15 minutes ... I had to pull the "I NEED TO SPEAK WITH YOUR MANAGER NOW" card! Completely unnecessary and had me very upset, WHY when you are the customer ? This place is obviously a rip_off whether or not you call on time before your 14 DAY TRIAL ... she even insisted that i ALLOW HER to send me more PRODUCT when I didn't even like the product to begin! She also insisted that I o as she has directed to give MYSELF a chance to try and enjoy! PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! SIMPLY GO TO SPEEDWAY AND PURCHASE ONE FOR $3.95 for one instead of going through these idiots that demand more trial time, therefore more MONEY
DzEyezGreen Apr 13, 2013
mullyden Feb 21, 2013
Do not get this. You receive and advertisement that makes you believe you get an eCig startup kit. I later found that I was charged $100 for the original order and about $80 each month thereafter until I noticed the charge. When you sign up for the "startup kit" there is a block that you check that says you are 18 years old and agree to comply with the terms and conditions. I contacted them after several months of charges and they indicated that I signed up for a monthly delivery of cartridges (way overpriced I understand)plus initial $100 for the cigarette machine. There is no way I would have signed on for that but shame on me for not reviewing the T and C. Clearly they are slimy in that there is no mention of a trial and ongoing service anywhere on the pages you give info for the trial. Check the bbb and you will find they have the lowest rank possible. I did get a little credit back but after discussion with my credit card company they indicated they could not supercede T and Cs in a dispute. In other words, learn a cheap lesson and don't buy from these jerks. You will be sadly disappointed.
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Whitemellon Dec 29, 2012
I live on the edge financially. These thieves caused me to bounce checks and go without eating for a couple of days. I wrote the BBB but from what I hear they are useless. I guess this is why some people want to drown the government in the bathtub. With no regulators they are free to rob who they want. Having lived in Florida for some years I can say with confidence the state won't help anyone get justice with these scumbags. They are busy looking for people who smoke pot. Gotta fill those private prisons and we wouldn't want any job-creators taking up prison space.
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sarahnerict Nov 29, 2012
This Company No Flame E-Cig is a rip off! They just charged me $99.67 after the supposed $4.95 for the 14 day trial. They count the time from the minute u order it so when u finally get it u have 4-5 days Max. This company has over 29 complaints with the Better Business Bureau ( YOU CAN SEE FOR YOURSELF AT And these E-Cigs taste so awful all the smokers I know tried mine and NOONE will even smoke it to use up my product from my "trial offer". SIMPLY PUT !!!!!!THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD AND RIP OFF SO SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!
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halfinch Oct 24, 2012
Guys do not waste your time with this offer. I jumped on this offer and after wards realized that after 14 days they were gonna charge me $109 for the cig and $34 a month plus $4.95 shipping to send the cartrideges each month. When I got mine in the mail it was the exact same cig I had bought at the Hess Mart the day befor for $19.99. Not to mention the cartrideges are only 1.8% nicotine and the atomizer get clogged up when you put the liqid juice in it....... Save you time and money.......... this is a rip off when you can get the same one in stores for $19.99!!!!!!! JS
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cindylee1367 May 03, 2012
I'll give it a try, thanks!