Sears | 3-Months of ShopYourWayMax for FREE

New Promo Code: MAXCALL1
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What's the matter?
deby32953 Nov 01, 2012
I'm definitely signing up for this! What a great find!
newjerseychickxo Nov 01, 2012
Very interesting, checking this awesome deal now. Thanks for sharing.
tpark6283 Nov 01, 2012
Holy cow 2 cents, what a deal and sears has had some great deals lately! Awesome find!
themoneyman1113 Nov 01, 2012
Excellent deal, my wife signed as up. Two cents well spent, thanks very much.
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branie Nov 02, 2012
Indeed. I had my sister and mother sign up as well.
arsiel Nov 01, 2012
Gotta get this when I get on a computer. And bbattag is right - turn off auto renew!
bbattag Nov 01, 2012
Be sure to turn off autorenew, so you dont automatically get billed
helloamy1977 Nov 01, 2012
How do you turn it off I think I did but now I cant seem to find it?
bbattag Nov 02, 2012
It should be under settings. I clicked around and found it
rd995 Nov 01, 2012
this will save me the trip to sears or kmart thanks for sharing
grandma5 Nov 01, 2012
They updated my last one to the free but I did it by phone. Great!
xptrish Nov 01, 2012
Highly recommend,I have Max.
With holiday shopping this will be great
branie Nov 01, 2012
Awesome, so worth 2 cents! Forwarding this as well.
chuckydealpl Nov 01, 2012
gotta get on this, awesome deal, thanks
rockinnrolla Nov 01, 2012
Darn the page isn't available...
kimeeb Nov 01, 2012
L.O.L. I can tell by all your posts. They have some great sales, this way i won't have go to the store to save on shipping.
rockinnrolla Nov 01, 2012
So this is my second time getting 3 months of Shop your way max for $0.02 + I got it for free for 3 months! 9 months for only $0.04!
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FibroMom Nov 01, 2012
It let you get a "2nd" free, well "almost free" 3 months? Did you use the same email address? I am LOVING MINE, but it runs out soon... would love to get another 3 months for $0.02!
rockinnrolla Nov 01, 2012
So I bought 3 months for 2 cents then it ran out and they gave me 3 more months for free. It wasn't suppose to run out until 12-16-12 then I just ordered this and it switched my ending date until 1-30-13. So I didn't get the whole 9 months but close!
rockinnrolla Nov 01, 2012
12-16-13 I mean
rockinnrolla Nov 02, 2012
Darn now FREE... I paid 2 cents I got ripped off! LOL :P
kimeeb Nov 01, 2012
Just in time for Christmas shopping. Thank you ragingwookiee!
rockinnrolla Nov 01, 2012
WARNING- If you do this you will bo hooked!I am! LOL :P
erick99 Nov 01, 2012
I just tried it and it said the promotion has expired. I think I was a few hours too late.