Super Lap Tray

Coupon: cad806

Features an end-pocket design that comfortably hugs the legs & keeps the tray secured on the lap for organized, tidy and spill-free snacking.

Uniquely designed to rest securely on the lap to safely hold all your FOOD and BEVERAGES.
Made of sturdy, wipe-clean plastic. It is compact and stackable.
Tray fits all standard theater and grandstand seats. 16-1/2" by 7-1/2".
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What's the matter?
solowkoe Aug 06, 2012
ha ha ha, the picture of the girl looking at the guy with interest because he has lap tray is funny. this looks like a great item for the price.
seanvcxz Aug 06, 2012
What makes this one super? Looks like a pretty standard lap tray to me.
pravallika Aug 06, 2012
Nice tray!!!
Subha83 Aug 06, 2012
Nice Lap tray.Looking good thanks for sharing.
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ReturninVideoTps Aug 06, 2012
Haha nice little couch caddy. For the couch potatoe in your family!
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Chriskevin Aug 06, 2012
Look great
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xiaoyuerlong Aug 06, 2012
solowkoe Aug 06, 2012
what? wierd comment
ancagavs Aug 06, 2012
a very nice price and good shipping. I can use this while watching TV. nice find.
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MrBklynW Aug 05, 2012
hmm pretty interesting design, another coach potato toy for me=D
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blackfoot Aug 05, 2012
Nice lil' tray for snacking while tv watching.
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dvinegrace83 Aug 05, 2012
aside from snacking, you could use this for so much! i prefer to be seated comfortably on the couch and multi-tasking, than being stuck hunched over at a table anyday!
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additc Aug 05, 2012
Nice! And I got a $5 gc from them from some other deal on Dp.
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iowahawkeyes Aug 05, 2012
This is pretty cool.. hahah but I don't know if it fits me to well. I'm suprised so many people like this kind of stuff!
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shopange08 Aug 05, 2012
This looks pretty interesting... Probably worth giving a try at six bucks.. Thanks!
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zoe9576 Aug 05, 2012
Good find. Thank you.
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rd995 Aug 05, 2012
this is good also for the car make it easy for the kids to eat their snacks on the go
tpark6283 Aug 05, 2012
Loving the cup holder, this will even be perfect for my daughter. Great find!
branie Aug 05, 2012
I totally dig this :) I may just order me one and of course hubby one as he will steal mine anyway. lol. Good find.
rockinnrolla Aug 05, 2012
This would be nice for snacks, making crafts or even polishing your nails! Great find! :)
FibroMom Aug 05, 2012
This will be perfect for munching out while watching TV! Terrific Price! Thanks for sharing this NICE Deal! :)