Sylvania Wireless MusicLites 2.75" Full Range Hi-Fi Speaker & 10W LED Light - (65W), w/ Choice of Transmitter!

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Light up your audio with the Sylvania MusicLites! The MusicLite may look like your standard ceiling light bulb that fits in most recessed lighting cans but the MusicLite combines a full range loudspeaker, wireless receiver, and a 10W LED light into that compact work of technological magic!

The LED lights lasts up to 25,000 hours, far much longer than standard or even fluorescent bulbs, and the lumens are similar to that of a 65-Watt incandescent reflector bulb. Connecting your home theater, sound system or even your mp3 player to the MusicLite system is easy. Simply connect the 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver to yourmusical source and delight in the wonder of hidden music! Choose from a standard 3.5mm, USB, or an iPhone 30 pin connector transmitter. No mess, no wires, no problems.

The MusicLite system is energy efficient, using only 10 watts to deliver over 85W of light and sound power. You can easily move the system from room to room or even home to office by simply unscrewing the light-bulb! The MusicLite can be expanded to 12 lights per zone, for total and complete sound from all directions. It’s time to see the light and feel the sound with the MusicLite System.

Condition: New
Packaging: Retail
Warranty: 1 Year
Manufacturer: Sylvania
Model: 72284

Features Include:

2.75” Full Range Hi-Fi Audio Speaker
One 10W LED Light – 65 Watt Equivalent
12 Speaker/Bulb modules per zone and up to 5 zones total
Can use up to 60 bulbs per transmitter
MusicLites fits into four-, five- or six-inch recessed cans as well as most table and desk lamps
The audio signal is transmitted via a 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver
Light is dimmable by remote control
Product Dimensions: 5 3/4" Hight 3 3/4" Diameter
Comes with your choice of a USB or iPod/iPhone transmitter

Package Includes:
Bulb and Transmitter, Owners Manual and Quick Start Guide
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