Target | 3 DiGiorno Pizzas + Free 2 Liter of Soda

Target currently has 2 DiGiorno Pizzas for $9 + Get a Free 2 Liter of Soda.
Use this B2G1 Free Pizza Coupon to get 3 Pizzas and 1 Soda for $9.
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What's the matter?
drewskidooo Jan 28, 2013
I love frozen pizza. I eat it weekly lol thanks for sharing!
natarajansaktive Jan 28, 2013
Very interesting Food Deal. Thanks
dvinegrace83 Jan 27, 2013
nice if you're in a pinch, which has been our family lately with our busy sched!
shimisi Jan 27, 2013
This is an awesome deal. Maybe one of the better cheap options for Super Bowl night :D
aznballa161 Jan 27, 2013
very very nice. thank you so much for this! love pizzas
nimase85 Jan 27, 2013
If you print two coupons you can get 6 pizzas and 3 sodas for $18
themoneyman1113 Jan 27, 2013
I have been so spoiled with home made pizza that I make now and grew up with from my Italian Parents and Grandparents, so anything but that is usually a let down, but this is a decent price for a half way decent pizza to throw in the oven when you are short on time.
mikhaila Jan 27, 2013
wow amazing deal! I bet they were selling out FAST! lol
tnglm003 Jan 27, 2013
Got the deal today. Thanks.
YesBoss Jan 27, 2013
Riteaid Also Has Good Price, 3 packs $10 Plus You Get $5 Up Rewards .
YesBoss Jan 27, 2013
Sorry, 3 For $10 Is After B2G1 Free Coupon .
tahnee_cat Jan 27, 2013
Go to to get a buy 2 get one free on Digiorno pizza to sweeten the deal.
YesBoss Jan 27, 2013
Nice deal, 3 pizzas and soda for $9 .thanks
branie Jan 27, 2013
DiGiorno makes an ok pizza, Gotten kind of expensive so this deal makes it a bit more affordable.
chuckydealpl Jan 27, 2013
cool, i guess i'm having a pizza party to go along with my video game day, thanks
kimeeb Jan 27, 2013
Sweet deal...I am printing the coupon now. Thnk you for sharing!