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Emergency strobe lights are easy to use, and both professional site workers and laypeople can operate them without difficulty. Indeed, auto safety clubs, insurance companies, and government safety organizations all recommend that every driver keep warning lights on hand in the event of a roadside emergency. Luckily, there is an abundant selection of effective emergency strobes to suit every need. Most conventional strobe lights employ xenon flash bulbs to create bright light beams. Powered by high-voltage circuitry, it is essential that emergency strobe lights be housed in safe covers. A proper cover insulates the bulb and protects it from shattering on the job. Indeed, to be fully functional in an emergency situation, a strobe light must be able to perform under a variety of conditions. It must be able to withstand the elements and to tolerate the commotion that surrounds most emergency worksites. This underscores the need for a reliable cover, but it also points to the importance of choosing a strobe light that is water resistant, portable, and easily affixed to a variety of applications.
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erick99 (L5)
Dec 09, 2012
This is one of the few emergency things I don't have in my Jeep but at this price I will get one. Nice find and nice price. Plussed.

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