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Thousands of Libraries Nationwide Hosting Eclipse Events

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The Solar Eclipse is almost here! And thanks to STAR-Net, you can not only watch the eclipse safely, you can learn all about this rare event in astronomy, right at your public library! Thousands of Libraries Nationwide are holding Eclipse Viewing Parties and Learning Events. STAR-Net has distributed 2 million Free Eclipse Glasses and over 4000 education kids to over 7000 libraries! Zoom in on the interactive map, find a location near you, and head to the link on the on the drop pin to get information for your library.

Also, check out the Eclipse Resource Center for access to Free Eclipse Guides, Apps, and information!
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WordNerd (L4)
Aug 11, 2017
I'm really bummed I'm not closer to the direct path of the eclipse, but I'm still SO EXCITED to see this moment in history. It's really cool that they are giving out free glasses so you can look at it safely.

If you are not near a library, two options I have done in the past is the traditional pinhole projector (easy to make with an empty food box) or if you pop the lenses out of several sunglasses and stack them together you get a protective tube of lenses to look through. Or, find someone who owns welding goggles ;)

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