Touch Screen Compatible Texting Gloves - Perfect for Tablet & Smartphones

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What's the matter?
blackfoot Feb 17, 2013
Good price for under $2, Nice find.
iowahawkeyes Feb 17, 2013
I know winter is just wrapping up.. At least for us midwesters, but for under 2 bucks you might as well save these.
aoobuu Feb 17, 2013
Great find. Thanks for taking time to share this deal.
shimisi Feb 17, 2013
These help a lot when you're out or just got in the car with gloves on (and don't want to take them off just yet) :)
Dexterous Feb 17, 2013
this is cheapest price seen, nice find
Durr21 Feb 17, 2013
This is perfect can't go wrong with these at all thanks
rockinnrolla Feb 17, 2013
I have a pair of these and I LOVE them! Nice price!
poe601 Feb 16, 2013
I use these all the time and they work great, awesome price with free shipping.
arsiel Feb 16, 2013
Winter is coming to an end but at this price, everyone should have a pair of gloves like these for next year!
xrjohn Feb 16, 2013
I could use a pair of these... and I can afford this pair. Nice find.
Jazmine_ilene Feb 16, 2013
These sure will come in handy. I really do need a pair of these. Lol the price for it is great as well
chuckydealpl Feb 16, 2013
why do they make the tips a different color on all these gloves?
btw, good deal.
bbattag Feb 16, 2013
It's usually the material that they need to use to make it conductive
chuckydealpl Feb 16, 2013
i realize that but i would prefer they make it the same color as the glove rather than a contrasting color
zoneric Feb 16, 2013
these are interesting. I've never seen gloves for phones.
seanvcxz Feb 16, 2013
These are great. I ended up buying my wife a pair of them and she loves them. The free shipping really makes this an awesome deal.
zoneric Feb 16, 2013
yeah, not many deals for under $2 that also have free shipping.
LindaKNor Feb 16, 2013
Nice find. These sure would come in handy.
lotuslove19 Feb 16, 2013
This very innovative idea,have seen texting pen but not gloves,good find.
alecupope Feb 16, 2013
me too. I had a texting pen, but never trxting gloves. interesting idea.