Woodworm Double Canopy 60" 3-Pack Golf Umbrellas

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What's the matter?
sfreestuff Aug 02, 2012
Updated to reflect price increase $14.99 -> $19.99.

Still a good deal for three umbrellas.
boricua1 Aug 02, 2012
$14.99 for three golf umbrellas?? great deal!!
drewskidooo Aug 02, 2012
Thanks, I bought the toys r us umbrella from a few days ago but I just bought these as well. lol, I'm ready for some rainy weather!
gangstabarbie Aug 02, 2012
now lets do the rain dance so we can get your unbrellas using
zoneric Aug 02, 2012
that's awesome. 3 giant umbrellas at a cheap price. excellent price.
ancagavs Aug 02, 2012
3 umbrellas for this price, I think it's very good. A good deal even with the high shipping.
xiaoyuerlong Aug 02, 2012
rd995 Aug 01, 2012
this umbrellas will be great to keep in the family van i currently have 3 umbrellas in the van one for each one of us
iowahawkeyes Aug 01, 2012
Hey, umbrellas are really great to have, and you never truly know when your oing to need them. Having 3 means you can put one in each place you possibly could need one!
dvinegrace83 Aug 01, 2012
man...we got umbrellas like this a couple years ago, and i can honestly say i can never go back to regular, smaller umbrellas! i just love these golf size ones! fits our entire family lol!
shimisi Aug 01, 2012
Nice deal; but is the link broken? I can only find Forgans for $22.99.
shimisi Aug 01, 2012
Okay, found it. It's under Deals of the Day! :)
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glwrks Aug 01, 2012
Thanks, shimisi...I never would have found it. Scroll down, on the left under "Discount Center" (if anyone else is looking)...or maybe it's one of those that need to be copied & pasted into address bar: http://www.golfoutletsusa.com/woodworm-double-canopy-60-3pack-golf-umbrellas.aspx
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shimisi Aug 01, 2012
You're welcome. Yes, I tried to embed the link here, but it didn't work. Copy and paste should :)
poe601 Aug 01, 2012
Great price for three even with shipping cost, great reviews also!
arsiel Aug 01, 2012
Three giant umbrellas for $22 shipped? That'd be perfect for the kind of weather we're expecting this week :x