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What's the matter?
dvinegrace83 Aug 03, 2012
i'm one of the blessed few that don't get these kinds of allergies, but HUBBY on the other hand? i'll grab some and he'll thank me later =)
boricua1 Aug 03, 2012
great deal..gonna stock up a little myself
nimrodboy3 Aug 02, 2012
some people think this works better than claritin..both claritin (generic name loratidine) and zyrtec (generic name cetirizine) are 2nd generation antihistamines. for some..one works better than the other..so you can't rely on what people say..you need to try it yourself. sometimes you'll try one..and it works..and after a few months..it doesn't..so you switch to the other..and then that one works for a few months..then it doesn't..then you switch back..i went from claritin, to zyrtec, and now back to claritin. i buy generics. for what it's worth..claritin markets itself as being non-drowsy..so just keep that in mind. also..only get the claritin-D or zyrtec-D if you have nasal congestion..if you don't have that symptom..then you don't need it.

also..for what it's worth..sudafed-PE doesn't work as well as sudafed (which is now behind the counter..no prescription needed..it's called pseudophedrine)...PE is for phenylephrine.
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Dexterous Aug 02, 2012
Good price drop, and thanks for the code
blackfoot Aug 02, 2012
Good deal on this medication, Never had allergies but If I did, I'd try it.
pravallika Aug 02, 2012
Thanks for posting
drewskidooo Aug 02, 2012
I hear this stuff really works for some people. Thanks for posting!
sfreestuff Aug 02, 2012
If you take this stuff every day, you can get a year supply at Costco for about $16.00. Also, if you normally take Zyrtec-D, it ends up being a better deal if you take generic Sudafed (from the pharmacy) and Cetirizine. You pay more to get the two combined into one pill.
nimrodboy3 Aug 02, 2012
nimrodboy3 Aug 02, 2012
for those that are interested..i believe at Costco, zyrtec is called aller-tec..and claritin is call aller-clear..something like that.
nimrodboy3 Aug 02, 2012
for what it's worth..i highly recommend buying the generic form, Cetirizine. It's the same active ingredient, and also comes in the same dosage..but it's way cheaper. i noticed this deal is for the 5 ct package..you can get way more bang for your buck if you go generic.
tpark6283 Aug 02, 2012
Definitely could use some of this right about now!! Thanks!
branie Aug 02, 2012
Zyrtec has been on sale somewhere all spring and summer long which is great. Although this medicine makes me so damn thirsty, that is my only complaint other then that it works awesome.
THartz606 Aug 02, 2012
Really good deal. I've tried a lot of allergy relief meds, but Zyrtec seems to work the best for me. Thanks for sharing this. :)
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