Low SpongeBob SquarePants Yellow 3 Hand Painted Canvas Shoes, SpongeBob Shoes, Cosplay Hand Drawing Shoes


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Product Name: Low SpongeBob SquarePants Yellow 3 Hand Painted Canvas Women/Men Shoes
Product Colorway: Yellow
Upper Material: Canvas
Outsole Material: Rubber
You will love these Hand Painted Canvas Shoes, they are made of high quality canvas and rubber material, durable and comfortable enough for your daily wearing. Conveniently, their range spans sports, travelling, climbing, and other activities. They will surely make you stand out from the crowd!
Every pair is unique 100% Guarantee New We use highest quality paint for the fabrics 100% Guarantee Washable The colors won't fade.
How to maintain: We use professional pigments which won't be faded with the correct wash procedures as below. In order to maintain the beautiful appearance of hand-painted shoes, always avoid hard scrubbing in the painted area.
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