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SKECHERS Men's Arcade - Refer Sneakers $3 (Brown Only)

Free shipping if you join their VIP club (free membership)

Use code WB for 15% drop, final price will be $2.55
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What's the matter?
lavang21 May 10, 2011
My was cancelled!! dammm it
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amit9900 May 10, 2011
order cancelled for me!
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NapMan May 09, 2011
Yep, mine was cancelled too. No notice from Skechers at all.
I won't be buying from them again.
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NapMan May 10, 2011
I e-mailed Skechers to ask why my order was cancelled.
They informed me the price had been incorrectly posted.
They apologized and offered me a 15% discount on my next order. No thank you.
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MillersTime May 09, 2011
Just checked, mine was cancelled too :(
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msimulation May 09, 2011
Mine was cancelled too, too good to be true :(
mrswoodward May 09, 2011
I just checked the status of my order and it was also cancelled...
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viktor11172 May 09, 2011
Company cancelled my order,i feel it is a scam, i gave them my email address for no reason, they wanted your email by placing false advertisement on purpose so that you sign up for vip club and give your email address for the propose of advertisement! what kind of company is that, never buy anything from them again, not even physically in stores, let them find fool people somewhere else! i think i need to report them to the fraud complain agency!
lavang21 May 09, 2011
agree with you...
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Killer_whale May 09, 2011
Exactly what I guessed when I ordered mine! Pls notice this website and the guy who posted the ad too!
AdRiAn0 May 07, 2011
Im a little confused, I ordered a few, a quantity of 3, but 3 pictures of the show appear with 3 quantities, does that mean I ordered a total of 9?
The total comes out at the bottom as if ordered 3 though. Suggestions?
jdmconversion May 07, 2011
look at the total amount you paid and then divide it by the price of each unit and you will find out how many you ordered.
JBKevin21 May 07, 2011
Got my order in :)Hope it comes in the mail.
mrswoodward May 07, 2011
The shoes look like their available until you go to check out. All shoes in cart are now showing up as out of stock.
akaricke May 07, 2011
9, 10, and 11 show out of stock in the cart now :(
agBear976 May 07, 2011
I can't get through the order page! I want these shoes for the hubby, but this deal is going to put me in the mad house!
wptbound May 07, 2011
LOL yes it will....I am still sitting here trying to cancel 5 orders I only want 1!!!!! LOL
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agBear976 May 07, 2011
After the site finally freeing up... 10.5 out of stock! I just wasted over an hour of my life trying to order these shoes, but I can't complain I'm at work anyway.
wptbound May 07, 2011
they might not be out of stock thats what I bought was 10.5 and I got 7 orders processing when i only want 1!!! LOL But if they don't fix and I end up with 5 pairs extra, I will more than happily give you a 10.5..
agBear976 May 11, 2011
@wptbound ~ awesome, thanks for the offer!
poe601 May 07, 2011
Oh good Lord! Thought it was not taking my order for 3 pairs so I kept re doing it without reading earlier comments. Big mistake! Just got confirmation e-mails for the 10 times I pushed submit, even though it never showing the order went through!
wptbound May 07, 2011
mine never showed going thru either! yikes!!! now the page won't load when trying to remove the other orders LOL i think we broke their website.
poe601 May 07, 2011
OMG, I thought I only did it 10 times, but the confirmations keep coming! Anyone need a pair of shoes!
poe601 May 07, 2011
I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!!!
wptbound May 07, 2011
eBay HERE I COME! LOL I know I can't get my account to come up, the site is crashing LOL maybe I need to call them. Wonder how much we can get for these on eBay....LOL
poe601 May 07, 2011
Yep looks like you will find these shoes on Ebay if you miss this deal!
NapMan May 07, 2011
I've been trying for at least a half hour. The Skechers site just seems to be not working. I added a pair to my cart but when I try to checkout I get an error screen over and over.
NapMan May 07, 2011
Well I finally got further. I added them and entered my billing, shipping and payment info but when I click the final button to place the order the page turns blue for a moment with "processing" on the screen but it just goes right back to the order summary page. I clicked the final button a few times. I might end up with several orders like others have.
wptbound May 07, 2011
Yup I keep getting sorry not available try again later when trying to check out. so I will keep trying!!!
NapMan May 07, 2011
Finally got my order status to come up and it says one pair, order processing. Hopefully I'll get them.
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wptbound May 07, 2011
well i got further to place order now, but getting the same thing that NapMan was, hopefully I am not buying 20 pairs LOL
wptbound May 07, 2011
BE CAREFUL! it does duplicate....i just got error message that the site detected duplicate orders i went to order history page and sure enough i have 7 pending orders need to delete all but one!
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wptbound May 07, 2011
man....the site is locked up! everybody and their brother must be buying these, i will continue.......this is a mega deal!
deby32953 May 07, 2011
Wish I'd read this 1st! I ordered 3 pairs for the men in my life (husband & 2 sons) and used code MC25OFF for 25% off 2 or more items. Everything worked great until I went to place order. I place button & waited patiently but it kept telling me to check order and place order so I kept doing it over & over again! The orders are pouring in! lol
albertoa76 May 07, 2011
when added to cart it says $3 but when signing in to check out it changes to $56
Deedle_pie May 07, 2011
The grey ones are $56.
Deedle_pie May 07, 2011
I made an order in case they give some sort of coupon as consolation when they cancel.
lavang21 May 07, 2011
I've just ordered 4 pair...bravoo !!!
Killer_whale May 07, 2011
Got 5 pairs for $11.25 only! Have same feeling that this is another cancel! Let's see!
naragclan May 07, 2011
I was able to order six on four different transactions. Gifts for Christmas! Just do a search for REFER then select size and then checkout. Do not try selecting alternate color. If $56 is shown, remove item and reselect.
moose May 07, 2011
MC25OFF for 25% off
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mragland May 07, 2011
Worked for me! Awesome deal
jdmconversion May 07, 2011
worked for me. I got 2 pairs for $5.10, shipped. I was able to check out and then got the confirmation email. good find!
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junespictureshow May 07, 2011
i don't think i need anymore shoes but i bought them anyway.....haha
h4x0rmx May 07, 2011
Awesome! Got a pair!
Thanks for sharing!
mareenjam May 07, 2011
thx too
psplove May 06, 2011
Use Code WW and save 15%
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passerbyeus May 06, 2011
got my order in until they may cancel
mrswoodward May 06, 2011
I tried to place an order for a while (and thought that the order didn't go through) so kept trying. I looked at my order status and it shows that I placed 4 orders. I went back and cancelled the orders that I didn't want. They now show a status of cancelled...
SuperSaverGurl May 06, 2011
Could u plz tell me how did u cancel unwanted orders? mine says 4 orders placed. Wanna cancel them.
azzuri_mohan May 06, 2011
So I kept trying and now I see 2 pairs. I canceled 1. Lets see.
rajanipriya May 07, 2011
pls tell me how to cancel the order.
azzuri_mohan May 07, 2011
I went into my account on their website where it showed my 2 orders. I chose 1 of them and cancelled it. I had to try several times before it actually cancelled. I got confirmation email too 1 in processing and other cancelled.

Greedy people why do you need so many pairs???? Be considerate.
sam2011 May 06, 2011
yeah... 2 order confirmations.... huffffffff... what to do with 2 pairs?? lets see... they have long procedure to cancel order .. we have to ship it back??
MysteryD8 May 06, 2011
Go into your order history. You can cancel all but the ones you want to keep.
GadgetGeek May 06, 2011
TO PREVENT PLACING MORE THAN ONE ORDER, When you Click on "PLACE ORDER NOW", wait for the order to process(takes a little while 1-2 minutes). When it's done processing you maybe on the SAME SCREEN. DO NOT click "placer order now" again. Open a new Window and check your "ORDER HISTORY" to see if the order was placed.
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poe601 May 07, 2011
I Should have read this first!
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MysteryD8 May 06, 2011
Well, apparently something was working. So far I have received four order confirmations, all with different order numbers. After it wouldn't complete the order the first time, I tried a second time and got an error message about a duplicate order. $12 for four pairs of shoes to wear while mowing the lawn isn't bad at all, but I would love to cancel three of those orders, as well as the rest if there are more.
MysteryD8 May 06, 2011
I finally got into the order-status screen, and now there are eight orders processing. Some took off 15% with the WB code that I entered, while some are listed as $3.00. I really don't need that many pairs of shoes!
msimulation May 06, 2011
I have a feeling they will cancel all orders...
iownahonda May 06, 2011
SuperSaverGurl May 06, 2011
Not able to check out!! Grrr...
msimulation May 06, 2011
Doesn't work for me either, error at checkout :(
GadgetGeek May 06, 2011
The site keeps giving errors when i try to check out or visit my account. I think they are trying to prevent people from buying the shoe..... maybe it was a price error.
GadgetGeek May 06, 2011
It worked, I just ordered a pair.
sam2011 May 06, 2011
cant place order....just shows processing.. and again same page of review order...
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adchabert May 06, 2011
it doesnt woork i tried for about fifteen minutes. it adds to your cart but doesnt allow you to check out.
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zarrow May 06, 2011
Too good to be true!
behemothZ3R0 May 06, 2011
$3 for $56 shoes?!
I'm in. :]
SuperSaverGurl May 06, 2011
OMG!! cant believe it!! :)
msimulation May 06, 2011
Impossible deal, great find thanks!
themoneyman1113 May 06, 2011
Plustastic May 06, 2011
awesome find!
aishhappy May 06, 2011
wow what a deal :)
it works and i have used coupon no. (MC25OFF) for extra 25% off
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aishhappy May 19, 2011
it was the great find but kills my mood,
i have ordered for 3 pair of shoes after 2 days they apologized and canceled my order :(
they said it was price mistake well.....
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bigsike May 06, 2011
Nice find! I got a pair!
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