Up to 80% Off Vibram FiveFingers Shoes

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What's the matter?
tr1plication Jul 09, 2014
Back again
Acarone Feb 23, 2014
back again with new price drops, thanks for the update! 2/23
srborges Sep 18, 2013
@ragingwookiee This was posted first, just fixed the link. Other was removed since same thing and posted after.
Mishumoshu May 22, 2013
It is indeed a good offer. I'll try to order two pairs.
dropslike May 19, 2013
A good price for discount Vibram FiveFingers. My son wants two pairs.
MyPrecious Apr 14, 2013
it is very comfortable in sand beaches and inside water area
MyPrecious Apr 14, 2013
i am going to use one of these in the tubing expedition we have planned for this weekend
dvinegrace83 Feb 27, 2013
hubby is in love with his vibrams. i'm sure he'd love another pair, you know, just in case ;)
DealLeader Feb 27, 2013
I love mine too. I cannot run in them every time I run, but it just feels different when you run in them. Like you are a kid again!
dvinegrace83 Feb 28, 2013
and it's amazing how much attention these shoes get...even if they've been out several years now, they always turn heads and get comments. lol
ancagavs Feb 26, 2013
I never wore shoes with fingers. they don't seem too comfortable.
DealLeader Feb 26, 2013
I only wear them for running. The "fingers" don't really bother you, but when you run in these they make you run as if you are running barefooted (on the balls of your feet), and that really works out your legs below the knees.
ancagavs Feb 27, 2013
very interesting to know. thank you for the insight :)
MrBklynW Feb 26, 2013
pretty good prices for these. thanks for sharing!
Dexterous Feb 25, 2013
these are strong and good brand, nice sale
DealLeader Feb 25, 2013
They are a great shoe...very different,but very good.
mikhaila Feb 25, 2013
are these ran true to size? I want to get my husband a pair
DealLeader Feb 25, 2013
Go the Vibrams web site. They have excellent information about sizing. You need to get this right because it is like having toe socks on.
mikhaila Feb 26, 2013
thank you!
additc Feb 25, 2013
i got the red one, but do these smell because you dont wear socks?
DealLeader Feb 25, 2013
No, I have never smelled any thing at all, but they are actually washable.
saramor Feb 25, 2013
I have with 5 figures . Really good, thanks for post.
DealLeader Feb 25, 2013
I run in these, but not every time I run. They give your lower calfs a workout like no normal running shoe can.