Do-It-Yourself Living Will Kit (CD included) (Simple 1-2-3 Kit)

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The 2005 Terri Schiavo case brought end-of-life decisions to the national stage. Regardless of political opinion on her case, one truth was driven home: If someday you can't speak for yourself but want to be sure your wishes are carried out, you must plan ahead. And you must commit your wishes to writing. The Do-It-Yourself Living Will Kit (CD included) makes it possible for you to detail how you want your end-of-life and healthcare issues handled if you are not able to speak for yourself. The packet of forms and accompanying CD is everything you need. Here is what comes in the kit:

2 sample Living Will documents (one with annotations for guidance, one without)
2 sample Durable Power of Attorney documents, (one with annotations and explanations, one without)
1 sample Organ Donation authorization
1 sample Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) authorization form
Explanation of differences in state law
Checklist for choosing the person to make your health care decisions
Information of what do to with the completed and signed documents
Resource list with state-by-state listings
What's the matter?

Comments (2)

lilywow (L5)
Aug 09, 2012
I have thought about doing it this way, but I hear that in certain states the courts have disallowed self made wills
dealwagger (L5)
Aug 09, 2012
I love that this has state-by-state listings because state can differ so widely in their policies and it's great for if you move in the near future :)

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