Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview

The "see it" links is like an "upgrade" version for windows 7 users. *WARNING* Once you have upgraded your Windows 7 to Windows 8 Consumer Preview, your OS may expire shortly after the launch of Windows 8.

Use a vm to have win 7 & 8 installed at the same time

Here is the ISO Windows 8 Consumer Preview for those who would like to install it as dual-boot/fresh install.

Engadget first impression walk through of windows 8
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What's the matter?
jasoned Mar 01, 2012
Downloading it now. Thanks for finding this.
solowkoe Mar 01, 2012
This was a cool find. Can't wait to get a preview. I love new tech.
ucrual Mar 01, 2012
From the description: "If you decide to go back to your previous operating system, you'll need to reinstall it from the recovery or installation media that came with your PC."
SO, when it will expire, you can't roll it back. You have to reinstall your previous OS. And I bet this release is for beta testing
austin38 Feb 29, 2012
I think Windows 7 is great! Can't wait to see what's new with Windows 8
Dexterous Feb 29, 2012
has anyone tried windows 8 and compared with windows 7 ?
nbrand48 Feb 29, 2012
Cool, can't wait to have a try!
encorez Feb 29, 2012
unable to get a product key.......freak
encorez Feb 29, 2012
I had to try the ISO image...
xyzxyz Feb 29, 2012
you need a software to generate a CD-KEY.
Just enter a email and click "Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview"
airlinesinc Feb 29, 2012
use a VM to have win 7 & 8 installed at the same time
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psplove Feb 29, 2012
What's VM? and how.. :)
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airlinesinc Mar 01, 2012
VM is Virtual Machine
I use VMware from
But oracle make a good program also called Virtualbox free at virtualbox
encorez Feb 29, 2012
time to back up.....
somesome11 Feb 29, 2012
Windows Metro, bleh. I see this either doing well, incorporating two entirely seperate versions for mobile and desktops, or them sticking to the back-and-forth nonsense and it going nowhere for the average desktop user. We just switched our PCs to Win7, its very stable and easily the XP equivalent, its doubtful the business world will jump on this (which is a huge market segment).
johnwin Mar 01, 2012
The desktop portion of the OS actually feels great to use, especially on dual monitors. I was nervous at first, but I actually really like the Metro interface. I can't wait until newer and better applications come out for it.
psplove Feb 29, 2012
Any one have installed this yet? is good or not? let me know thanks!
megamac125 Feb 29, 2012
I like it a lot! Super fast and the new store is pretty fun. Can't believe its still in beta, it's pretty high quality.
johnwin Mar 01, 2012
I agree with megamac, I'm using an xps m1530 with a solid state drive. After bios loading, Windows 7 took around 7 seconds to load. With Windows 8 the load time was reduced to something around a mere 3 seconds. While it's only 4 seconds, that's a huge improvement! I can only imagine the difference it will make for normal hard drives
johnwin Mar 01, 2012
As for this being in Beta, the way I see it is Microsoft is giving away a free 6 month "trial." At the same time, they can get useful feedback from us while at the same time having the luxury of saying... "HEY, it's just a BETA!"if anything is lacking
aznballa161 Feb 29, 2012
Hope Windows 8 is a lot better than windows 7 even though I am pretty content with 7
TOTOOO Feb 29, 2012
I think that links goes to