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IOGEAR's USB Theater Sound Xperience is the first USB Audio adapter providing DTS Surround Sensation I Headphone technology.

The USB Theater Sound Xperience provides a complete virtual audio-processing package that brings your movie and music experiences to life from a pair of stereo headphones or stereo speakers. It takes your 2-channel (stereo) audio and processes it with DTS Surround Sensation to create virtual surround sound through your 2 stereo speakers. Audio that is already encoded in 5.1-channels gains even more life with the LFE feature resulting in a three-dimensional wall of sound that exceeds the limitations of just two speakers, making one believe that sounds are occurring outside the boundaries of the two channels.

The classic transparent vacuum tube style design is small and suitable for your notebook and on the go needs.

The IOGEAR USB Theater Sound Xperience allows you to enjoy DTS virtual surround sound anywhere, anytime. It is the perfect audio companion for people who listen to music or watch movies on their computers or laptops. Enjoy a virtual surround sound from your standard stereo headphone jack.

Connects to your computer’s USB 2.0 port and delivers virtual surround sound through your stereo headphones or stereo speakers
Movie mode - Experience being right there in the middle of your favorite movies
Music mode - Listen to your music as it comes to life in total surround sound
LFE mixing – Enables low-end frequencies to be mixed with front channels for superior performance
Provides two 3.5mm jacks for:
Stereo Microphone-In
Stereo Headphone-Out
Classic Transparent Vacuum Tube Design with soft blue LED vintage glow
DTS Surround Sensation | Headphone simulates surround sound through headphones
Voice Clarification Technology: Enhances the signal clarity to improve the audio quality of dialog derived from Blu-ray Disc or standard DVD
Bass Enhancement Technology: Restores the perception of fundamental low-frequency tones by dynamically augmenting harmonics, yielding improved bass performance without the additional hardware costs of adding a subwoofer
Soundstage Expansion Technology: Broadens the soundstage and creates a phantom center channel for improved clarity and audio crispness
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