Soundcast OutCast Jr. Wireless Speaker with iCast Transmitter (White)

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This exclusive bundle from SoundCast includes the OutCast Jr. and iCast Transmitter for complete outdoor wireless listening freedom.

This weather resistant, wireless speaker lets you enjoy rich multi-directional stereo sound anywhere. The system has a broadcast range of up to 300 feet. Listen to any MP3 player, iPod, computer, home theater, audio system, or your TV by with the iCast transmitter for use with iPods etc. The OutCast Jr. system includes a rechargeable battery, charging system, 12volt adapter , power cord for direct connection to any outlet, and a 3.5mm line input for direct play. NMh battery allows for 5-9 hours of uninterrupted play.

Set your iPod free with the iCast Wireless Transmitter: The iCast Transmitter is tailored to the needs of the Apple iPod owner. The iCast Transmitter is specially configured with a universal docking well to accommodate currently available iPods, using Apple-provided inserts in the docking bay.
iCast is an Interference Free 2.4 GHz system – not affected by microwave ovens, cordless phones or other wireless devices
Conveniently small, light and easily maneuverable
Charge your iPod while listening to your music wirelessly
Sends signals up to 300 feet through walls, doors, floors and ceilings
Connects with any amplifier or powered speaker
Compatible with whole house audio systems
All the needed s and adapters to make hook-up simple and easy are supplied
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