26" Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Adult Mountain Bikes

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What's the matter?
ancagavs May 08, 2013
I want a bike to go outside and make some exercises while having fun too.
sorinlandiana May 04, 2013
the price is very good. I am thinking of buying something like this.
mikhaila May 03, 2013
mongoose has some really nice bikes, I had one when I was younger.
naturaldeal May 03, 2013
Riding bike in summer is great
DealLeader May 03, 2013
Really cheap price for bikes. Thanks for sharing!
MrBklynW May 03, 2013
pretty good deals. thanks for sharing
iowahawkeyes May 02, 2013
Ehh pretty good deal, the bike looks nice but the brand could be better.
additc May 02, 2013
these 40lb behemoths should be for riding to and from work only. not to be taken off road.
Dealprince May 02, 2013
I just wanted an inexpensive bike that I can go for rides with my family -- nothing fancy
mnvikings11 May 02, 2013
I know the men's bike's are NOT on sale & they are very day price as I looked at them today in the store.
Acidbaby May 02, 2013
@mnvikings11 Yup, whats funny is this deal is going smacked around over at Slickdeals and at a -6 I believe. Here its a +34 Its just not a deal, they are sold for $135 online every day and in store they are cheaper like you pointed out. Since 2001 when Mongoose and several other companies (such as Schwinn) merged together with Pacific cycle they basically made 2 lines of product one to sell at Sears, Walmart, Target etc and another (the quality product line) to sell at Bike shops. Mongoose and Schwinn have zero reputation in the cycling world these days because they are producing garbage.
mdgirl May 03, 2013
@mnvikings11 I bought a Schwinn bike last summer from walmart and i am ready to put it on craiglist.
cheep yes! quality and service you are looking for no!
Durr21 May 02, 2013
Great looking bike I wish I had more time to ride the one I have awesome deal
seanvcxz May 02, 2013
That's a great deal for someone looking to get into mountain biking.
ilene285 May 02, 2013
Great price for a mountain bike.
EzzyLovesToSave May 02, 2013
HOLY COW!...awesome deal; just in time for the warmder weather:)
YesBoss May 02, 2013
Very Good Price For 26" Mongoose Women's Mountain Bike .
Nvaldera Apr 11, 2013
I like the look and price of this bike! and its for women!
robotsys Apr 11, 2013
Bought one this evening ! light weight
seanvcxz Apr 11, 2013
Pretty cheap for a nice bike like this. Biking is a great exercise too.
chuckydealpl Apr 11, 2013
nice deal, weather is getting warmer for more biking outdoors
jennyhoney Apr 11, 2013
useful, i go to work bi biking today.
ukaran Apr 11, 2013
Apt deal for this Summer. Pretty good find.
mnvikings11 Apr 11, 2013
Great bike, just not that great of a discount.
blackfoot Apr 10, 2013
Seems like a good price for a women's mongoose bike.
dvinegrace83 Apr 10, 2013
Seems like a good price and mongoose is a decent brand I think
Dexterous Apr 10, 2013
this looks cool, nice price for this.
tanush6 Apr 10, 2013
i will purchase this for my wife and i need to get one for me too. I should also think about transporting these at the back of my car
tanush6 Apr 10, 2013
this will be a nice buy this summer. with summer fast approaching this will be the right time to think about biking
backspace Apr 10, 2013
I bought a mongoose last year but had problems after 3 months...remember to buy the warranty always.
sorinlandiana Apr 10, 2013
I like that it's very practical when you want to make short trips
LindaKNor Apr 10, 2013
Nice deal on the bike. You don't usually see bike prices this low these days.