4.5V AA Battery Electric Heated Socks Feet Foot Warmer Winter

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Name:Battery Heated Socks
Material: Cotton
Power supply:AA Battery (not include)
Fever Location: Instep
Voltage: 3x1.5V=4.5V AA Battery

1.Electric socks, cotton material, breathable
2.good texture,skin-friendly
3.Safe, specially designed battery pocket
4.keep warm

Hiking,climbing ,fishing in winter

1. Before using this product, first purchase a 1.5V AA battery for 6 sessions.
(Alkaline dry batteries are recommended), each battery pack contains three dry batteries.
2. After the battery is installed, insert the DC head of the heating socks into the DC port of the battery box, and turn the pull switch on the battery box to the ON position. At this time, the LED red light on the battery box is on, the socks start to heat up, and the heating temperature is 50 degrees. Left and right constant temperature, if you feel overheated or want to keep warm, turn the pull switch on the battery box to the OFF position to close, that is, stop the power supply, you can keep it for a while. The heating temperature will vary with the ambient temperature.
3. Usage time description: It can work continuously for about 4-5 hours.

Package Included:
One Pair Battery Heated Socks
3x AA Battery case (not include the Battery)

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