72 Pack of Performix Premium Grade Whey Protein Isolate AND a Free Shaker! - Choose Chocolate Cake or Fruity Charms - Only 49 Cents a Pack!- SHIPS FREE!

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This is very, VERY high quality protein. You will receive 72 single serve packets that you can take with you anywhere to mix for just the right amount of protein. Available in 2 delicious flavors. Yes, the Fruity Charms have little marshmallow like charms in them (don't worry it's still healthy) and take similar to the milk from the bowl after you eat the cereal. It's pretty amazing!

You will also receive a free shaker bottle with each unity ordered. These retail for $10 just by themselves, so you are getting an insanely good deal here.

CLEAN UNDENTATURED PRONATIV® WHEY: PERFORMIX NATIVE ISO WHEYi is made with the purest whey protein available due to its unique, clean and low temperature extraction process. Protein is extracted from top quality hormone-free milk to preserve its properties without collecting residues, GMP, added ingredients and chemical agents found in typical whey protein isolates.
FASTER MUSCLE RECOVERY: Pronativ® supports a supercharged 30-minute recovery time, compared to 48 hours with standard Whey Protein Isolate. The addition of our time-released ISO beads helps replenish key nutrients and extend the recovery benefits over multiple hours helping to combat muscle soreness and fatigue.
SUPERIOR PROTEIN UTILIZATION: NATIVE ISO WHEYi is the only protein on the market that contains GanedenBC30, which allows for improved protein utilization and absorption compared to standard whey protein isolate while also aiding in digestion and immune support.
MADE IN U.S.A: Manufactured in a FDA registered facility. All PERFORMIX products are produced in facilities using cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and pass rigorous testing.

Note: The "best by" date on this is July 19th 2018, but we will be using them far after that.

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