Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

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jigsaw918 Jul 21, 2012
I ordered these on Thursday night and just got an email from Sears saying that can't fulfill my order and are in process of refunding me and giving me a $20 gift card to sears/kmart as an inconvenience. I'm glad that I'm getting a $20 GC, but these weights are usually like $100 more...I wish they could just send me them at this price...
MrBklynW Jul 19, 2012
pretty nice price for bowflex dumbbells nice find!
dvinegrace83 Jul 19, 2012
such a spacesaver! that's the main thing holding hubby back from getting his own set is where to put them all! this type of system seems so much simpler!
bbattag Jul 19, 2012
These are great dumbells. My friend has a set and they are awesome. Wish the stand was included
akaricke Jul 19, 2012
Great price for these. Check some older prices here
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gr8tone99 Jul 19, 2012
This is a great deal. I’ve seen these at Costco & they were very tempting but just too expensive. This is a really great price!
jigsaw918 Jul 19, 2012
I've been looking for these for a great deal like this for about 2 years now! I'm still on the edge a little because of the length... won't it get in the way for P90X workouts..?
jigsaw918 Jul 19, 2012
also, I have a gym membership until I move out next year, do u guys think they will be this cheap or cheaper a year from now?
dparz30 Jul 19, 2012
I paid $280 for the set with the stands on black friday last year. I use them for P90x workouts. I think they are great as long as they are used. The bulkiness hasn't been much of an issue. I would rec recommend the stands, but this is a good price.
Dexterous Jul 19, 2012
i need to gain some muscle and lift these up
ArtemisDeals Jul 19, 2012
wow thats a really good deal :) Thanks for sharing this one :)
jrdunn Jul 19, 2012
I will speak for these, I use them for an hour every day, they are great!
nthsll Jul 19, 2012
I hear the most common complaint with these is that they are bulky. Did you find them hard to get used to?
tonman23 Jul 19, 2012
I've had them for a couple years and that is def. my only complaint. They are bulky mainly because no matter what the weight, the length of the dumbbell remains the same. Really not a huge deal though, but you can also checkout the powerblock adjustable dumbbell set, the size of the set changes with the weight.
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nthsll Jul 19, 2012
Thanks for the feedback. I may look at the powerblock before I make a move.
audiocracy Jul 19, 2012
The Powerblock is great! The handle has this great memory foam texture that makes it less straining on your palm. Highly recommended!
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nthsll Jul 19, 2012
That's a good price. Its 150 less than Bowflex is charging for them right now.
PepsiBlue Jul 19, 2012
This is an insane deal! Judging from the original price this is for a set of two and not just a single dumbbell. Now if only the 1090s could get a price this good.
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nthsll Jul 19, 2012
Yeah, I know. I keep thinking the same thing. I have a ton of free weight dumbells I would like to consolidate into one set thats quick to change out, but am afraid the 525's aren't enough. But then I think "you're almost 47 years old and suffer strains easier than you need 90# dumbells?"