Camping Chair: A Deluxe Arm Chair from Kmart

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xrjohn Jun 01, 2013
Great looking chair. Really good price.
mikhaila May 28, 2013
For this price I can buy a few of these
sly1960 May 28, 2013
Nice item, could really use, thanks for the post!
tpark6283 May 28, 2013
Its nice to have some extra in case friends or family come to the campground. At this price we can get a few. Thanks
shimisi May 28, 2013
Nice price. 2 bucks less than usual store prices. Good if you're near a Kmart for pick up.
abu5692 May 28, 2013
Everyone needs one, can't beat this at this price.
zoneric May 28, 2013
looks comfortable. I wonder if it really is.
mdgirl May 28, 2013
@zoneric It is very comfortable and we bought it for more than $6
rockinnrolla May 28, 2013
WOW great price for a camping chair! Thanks fort the post. :)
dvinegrace83 May 27, 2013
oo nice! def one of the cheaper prices i've seen for these kinds of chairs. i usually see them $10 or more..
hemalaa May 27, 2013
can't beat this at this price. Would be great addition for weekend trips.
iowahawkeyes May 27, 2013
6 bucks!?!? At this price these chairs are practically disposable! Lol insanely cheap deal!
tanush6 May 27, 2013
i love the bright colors of these chairs is good to have them
tanush6 May 27, 2013
perfect for beaches. easy to fold and stove in a car trunk
LindaKNor May 27, 2013
Wow! Great price for the chair. Great for keeping in the car for ball games.
LisaNtom08 May 27, 2013
Can't beat this deal!!! These are great to have got summer and I def was in need of a new one
nimase85 May 27, 2013
this seems like a great price for this Camping Chair I will be sure to pass this deal on... Thanks for sharing
twilightlover May 27, 2013
We need some new ones! I cant believe this price!!!
Dexterous May 27, 2013
easy to carry during camping, thanks
jkbane May 27, 2013
Perfect timing! $6, can't go too wrong
erick99 May 27, 2013
Six bucks is great for a chair like this. Great for attending kids sporting events.
DealLeader May 27, 2013
We have several of these type chairs. They are worth the money.
wzhenwei May 27, 2013
Great deal! Thanks for sharing it!
Nvaldera May 27, 2013
Wow awesome find for this chair! Great find!
hija_ellen May 27, 2013
convenient and can bring along anywhere. not bad for the price + free shipping too.
seanvcxz May 27, 2013
You can never really hgae enough of these. Just when you think you do, you have a party and there is someone standing because you don't have enough.
YesBoss May 27, 2013
Nice Find, Good price For Camping Chair .
chuckydealpl May 27, 2013
good price, saw some for more money without the arm rest and cup holder
At0micAmbER May 27, 2013
my family loves these chairs, they get a lot of use in summer and fall!
FibroMom May 27, 2013
Wish this was available for shipping - not in my area and it's such a great price! Nice find for those that can get one! :)
blackfoot May 27, 2013
Good price for these chairs, like the cup holder feature.
rd995 May 27, 2013
i have 2 of this chairs even a kids one and they are great we use it all the time in the backyard
grandma5 May 27, 2013
Never seem to have enough chairs, thanks for the savings.
branie May 27, 2013
I like to have a chair or two in my truck just in case and these would be perfect, thanks for the share.