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Chef's Choice Sportsman Three Stage Manual Knife - MPN: 4635900

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Chef’sChoice Sportsman 4635 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener For Fishing-Hunting & Serrated Knives is a 3-Stage manual knife sharpener that applies a super sharp and durable edge on fishing and light hunting knives, pocket knives and serrated knives as well as both 15° and 20° edge household knives. It’s essential gear for the sporting enthusiast who relies on a sharp edge!

Featuring a clearly labeled and dedicated stage for fishing knives and another for hunting knives, and a third stage for honing the respective edge; the Chef’sChoice Sportsman 4635 creates a razor sharp, double-beveled, arch-shaped edge that is stronger and lasts longer. The third honing stage is also used for serrated knives.

The “Fish” Stage is set at a smaller edge angle than the “hunt” stage and is specifically designed to apply an edge that will effortlessly fillet the day’s catch.

The “Hunt” Stage is set at a larger angle that provides a more durable edge ideal for lighter style hunting and pocket knives. After sharpening in the respective stage, the knife edge is honed and polished to hairsplitting sharpness by ultra-fine diamonds in the third stage.

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