Daisy Outdoor Products Red Ryder Air-Gun (Brown/Black, 35.4 Inch)

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What's the matter?
Acidbaby Nov 18, 2012
For the record its $28 at Walmart every day.
MrBklynW Nov 16, 2012
too bad. they won't ship this to ny =T
Dexterous Nov 16, 2012
Good price for this air gun, nice sharing
iowahawkeyes Nov 16, 2012
Major respect to the retailer who put this on clearance around this time. What a classic. haha
bigwinw Nov 16, 2012
Uses .177 cal. BBs
bbattag Nov 16, 2012
I added "air" to the title, to make it clearer what type of gun this was.
arsiel Nov 16, 2012
Took me a little while to realize it was a BB gun. Looks rather convincing! $25's still a pretty good price for a BB rifle though :p
ricci4pres Nov 16, 2012
does it have a compass in the stock and a thing which tells time?
boricua1 Nov 16, 2012
pretty good price drop..nice deal
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gangstabarbie Nov 16, 2012
what does this gun shoot out? pellets? hopefully not real bullets! :)
akaricke Nov 16, 2012
akaricke Nov 16, 2012
You call yourself gangsta and dont know firearms? ;) Just teasing you.
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seanvcxz Nov 16, 2012
Every little boy needs to have one of these! Great price too!
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jasoned Nov 16, 2012
Great price! In just a couple of years my son is going to love this.
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WideAnglePhoto Nov 15, 2012
My kids have each one, and they love them. My daughter's is pink :)
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akaricke Nov 15, 2012
They have it in pink but almost $5 more. If I had a girl or niece I would get one. http://www.amazon.com/Daisy-Outdoor-Products-Pink-Black/dp/B001C0TUQM/
jmste755 Nov 15, 2012
Would not recommend, as kid might shoot his/her eye out...
WideAnglePhoto Nov 15, 2012
themoneyman1113 Nov 15, 2012
lol,hahaha good one :--))-- Great deal, my bro in law my be interested. Thanks very much
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akaricke Nov 15, 2012
$3 drop. Now only $24.99. Great price for a classic.
akaricke Nov 16, 2012
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