Folding Chair With Cooler

Seat holds up to 250 lbs!
Insulated cooler holds up to 12 cans. Free shipping on $49 or $4.99 flat.
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What's the matter?
mlinhart May 14, 2013
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xptrish May 14, 2013
@mlinhart Thank you for the update
backspace May 12, 2013
Lovely for the beach trip...super deal..
jst2smart May 12, 2013
nice fine not a bad deal
bbattag May 12, 2013
This is a great price on a chair for a picnic, beach outing, etc
rockinnrolla May 12, 2013
Perfect gift for the hubby! NIce find. ;)
glwrks May 12, 2013
Need to rig some back pack straps onto this you can hike around to the other side of the lake for some fishing!;)
hemalaa May 12, 2013
this is a very nice and cool option. perfect for outings.
MrBklynW May 12, 2013
not too bad of a deal, very nice find
lotuslove19 May 11, 2013
This is cool. I've never seen this before ,wouldn't mind getting it.
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Jlowry May 11, 2013
this is cool. I've never seen this before. great 2 in 1
tpark6283 May 11, 2013
This would be a cool Father's Day present to take to see the kids play their games!
rd995 May 11, 2013
nice chair cooler good for taking when you go out to the beach or the park
blackfoot May 11, 2013
Neat chair for traveling and outings.
littlexu May 11, 2013
Great deal for a Folding Chair With Cooler. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
kevin07 May 10, 2013
Good find!
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xptrish May 10, 2013
@kevin07 thank you
erick99 May 10, 2013
These are especially handy for watching sporting events such as kids soccer games, etc. Cool deal!
krmills1 May 10, 2013
Cool little chair for the soccer filed, gotta get one!
mdgirl May 10, 2013
No more lugging of chair and cooler.we can travel lighter now
FibroMom May 10, 2013
Wonder if it will keep my behind cool while enjoying outdoor events? ;) Nice price on this - may give it a try for fishing and the beach. :)
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chuckydealpl May 10, 2013
@FibroMom lol, was wondering the same thing
xrjohn May 10, 2013
How convenient for taking to my son's baseball games. I like that it has a cooler.
THartz606 May 10, 2013
Definitely would be useful for a lot of times; camping, going to the beach, fishing etc. Thanks for the post.
grandma5 May 10, 2013
Great for kids ballgames, fishing, etc. The cool air would be nice WideAnglePhoto! Thanks.
WideAnglePhoto May 10, 2013
I love this little item, and his price drop too! ;) I just have one question.... will he keep my hiney nice and cool on a hot summer day?? heehee Maybe I'll buy him and I can let you know :D
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