NRS GigBob Personal Fishing Watercraft

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It's frameless! A personal fishing boat that can be rowed and is rigid without a frame. Our patented frameless design means you can fold it up and pack it on your back without having to break down a frame.

The drop-stitch construction lets you put 4-6 pounds per square inch of air pressure into the multiple air chambers, for a stiff, 'rock-solid' rigidity.

Feel like celebrating after landing that record fish? No problem. The 15 square feet of flat area on the GigBob deck gives you plenty of room for a victory dance! Plenty of space for all your tackle, cooler, extra rods, heck even the family dog.

The pontoons are wide and flat, for excellent stability. You can stand (or dance) on the deck without fear of tipping. And the flat bottoms give you a very shallow waterline. You slip right over rocks that snag a rounded pontoon.

Easily detach the pontoons with NRS' batten attachment system for an even lighter weight kickboat.

The comfortable seat and built-in foot pegs give you full support for an all day fishing expedition.

Agile, fast, maneuverable - all words that quickly come to mind as soon as you sit down and push off from shore.

Comes with: An adjustable padded seat, Carlisle 7' 2-piece oars with sleeves and oar rights, oar plates, oar mounts, oar locks, springs and split rings, oar rests, two Easy Access Tackle Bags,stripping apron and a carrying backpack to haul it all in.

2009 Editor's Choice Award from Fly Fish America Magazine.

2009 Best New Gear Award from Outdoor Canada Magazine.

Repair kit included.

5 Year retail warranty, 3 year commercial.
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Mishumoshu (L5)
Mar 02, 2013
Indeed it is this Personal Watercraft Fishing is awesome and very useful for me. I like to go fishing on the Lake, thanks.

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