Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Camping Tent

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What's the matter?
zoneric Apr 19, 2013
this can really make the day for kids. you can install it in the backyard and pretend you are camping. have a bbq while doing it, of course.
Jlowry Apr 18, 2013
now this is what I call a tent! Looks like a mini tent house
zoneric Apr 19, 2013
@Jlowry you can basically live in this tent in the backyard.
themoneyman1113 Apr 18, 2013
My wife refuses to camp, as much as I like this I admit she will never change her mind as she is not a camping girl. Oh well, good buy for such a nice and spacious tent.
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zoneric Apr 19, 2013
@themoneyman1113 that's too bad. sorry to hear that. but do you camp without her?
themoneyman1113 Jun 27, 2013
@jchildsplay2 You are out of line, do not disrespect my wife in any way, YOU have no idea what or who you are talking about, so you better watch your step here.
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jkbane Apr 18, 2013
nice looking tent. we are thinking about getting something like this
ramana_forums Apr 18, 2013
started ideas to camp,it really nice to have this tent
hemalaa Apr 18, 2013
this one looks awesome. Would be a perfect for family camping.
ukaran Apr 18, 2013
Something Wonderful. Really Great find.
blackfoot Apr 17, 2013
Huge tent, looks like a real house on first glance.
nimase85 Apr 17, 2013
This seems likes very good price for such a large tent this would be a great thing to have on a camping trip... Thanks for sharing
rd995 Apr 17, 2013
so big you can do a party in it :)
zoneric Apr 19, 2013
@rd995 excellent idea. with a couple of friends, can be really fun :D
cid681 Apr 17, 2013
Wow, luxury...
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 17, 2013
HOLY COW!...I could take all 5 grandkids! Absolutely, positively LOVE it!!!!!
zoneric Apr 19, 2013
@EzzyLovesToSave you have 5 grandkids? that's amazing!
poe601 Apr 17, 2013
Great price for this size, they have some good deals on other tents also.
boricua1 Apr 17, 2013
wow this is pretty big..I know a couple of ppl that would be interested in this
FibroMom Apr 17, 2013
Nice sized tent for the camping family! I may get this to put in the backyard for hubby when he lands in the dog house! ;)
alecupope Apr 17, 2013
looks like a real house. I love it!