Shake Weight | Boscov's

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What's the matter?
Jtelford Jan 14, 2013
I love the SNL video of these.
solowkoe Jan 14, 2013
great price, thanks for sharing. they look so funny to use though.
poe601 Jan 14, 2013
Gonna check and see if they have them instore because of shipping cost.
Jazmine_ilene Jan 14, 2013
awesome price drop lol. I wonder if this really works
helloamy1977 Jan 14, 2013
These work really good if you are determined. I used mine once and it really gives your arms a workout. You can really feel it. Now it sits in my closet.
deby32953 Jan 13, 2013
What an awesome discount! Keep em' coming!
supercouponingmo Jan 13, 2013
Great price :)
ArtemisDeals Jan 13, 2013
lol this seems like a very good price for this item. But now when ever I see one I think of South Park :P
helloamy1977 Jan 14, 2013
lol and the infomercial for this is hilarious!!!!
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Acarone Jan 13, 2013
shipping was $10 for me. after that its about the same price as bb&b or kmart
bbattag Jan 15, 2013
Agreed. Only a good deal if you are spending $50+ anyways
rd995 Jan 13, 2013
i seen this at walmart they sell for around $20 good price drop so many plus and is not front page?
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bbattag Jan 15, 2013
Looks like it's because the shipping cost. Acarone commented right below you saying shipping was $10
tpark6283 Jan 13, 2013
What a price drop, and my friend raves about this
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newjerseychickxo Jan 13, 2013
I'll try anything that will help keep me in shape. Nice price. Nice find.
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FibroMom Jan 13, 2013
Best price I have ever seen on one of these! They are having such great sales right now that I don't think I will have a hard time hitting the $50 mark for free shipping! Thanks! :)
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bbattag Jan 13, 2013
You can also get them for $5 at five below
krmills1 Jan 13, 2013
I think they will provide some kind of a physical workout just not build muscle like they claim, I think they had some kind of program on tv that talked about those as seen on tv items and if they actually worked.
gangstabarbie Jan 13, 2013
Great price. Wonder if they work. Thanks
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bbattag Jan 13, 2013
You can also buy these at Five Below, if you have one near you
MdavidK30 Jan 13, 2013
Those are so cool. Good price indeed.
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