Smartreloader SR215 Electronic Earmuff, outdoors, hunting and fishing gear

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Even better deal if you buy 2:
One is $23.95 shipped.
Two is $36.98($18.49 each) shipped.

Deal Overview
Buy one or two of these great electronic earmuffs in OD-Green or Anthracite.

Specifications & Features:
- Smartreloader SR215 electronic hearing protection earmuffs
-NRR 21dB
- Speakers shut down at noises louder than 85dB
- Amplifies every sound below 20dB
- Tapered shape
- Liquid foam ear cushions
- Folding
- Requires 2 AAA batteries- batteries are NOT included

Wear the SR215 Electronic Earmuffs and they will protect your hear from any harmful noise. The speakers will automatically shut down when the noise goes over 85dB and in the meantime they will amplify every sound below 20dB around you, wherever you are. This great function will allow you, for example, to hear low sounds in woods. This is great if you are hunting! The shooters' friendly tapered shape makes the SR215 ideal for hunters and clay shooters.
Fine Print
Expires 11/19/2011.
Not valid with other offers
Limit 2 deals per purchase
Available in OD-Green and Anthracite
Valid on-line only
U.S. Shipping only
We cannot ship to AK and HI
$10 flat rate shipping for 1 or 2 items
Product will be shipped within 7 business days after close of deal
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Comments (7)

psplove (L5)
Nov 19, 2011
Great price and great deal, I will get two for less money. Thanks!
FibroMom (L5)
Nov 19, 2011
I think it's a GREAT Deal - even with shipping added - you won't find the Same Item Cheaper! Good Find! :)
Dexterous (L5)
Nov 19, 2011
Actually this is good deal. The cost here you find is minimum. Compare in other places, its way too high than this price. Nice find rick.

I will plus it.
akaricke (L5)
Nov 18, 2011
Great price. Compare here

Search Smartreloader SR215 if the link does not work.
Plustastic (L5)
Nov 18, 2011
if you search by "total price" on that google shopping link it shows cheaper prices. $17.09 and $20.31 shipped
akaricke (L5)
Nov 19, 2011
Please sort the Froogle by "total price" or "base price"
The prices on Froogle APPEAR to be lower but when you click on any of the links the price on those websites are HIGHER and their shipping is NOT free as it shows on Froogle. The totals are HIGHER than the deal I posted.

Compare the ACTUAL prices you find on with the totals from my deal:
$23.95 shipped for one or $36.98($18.49 each) for two.
Dexterous (L5)
Nov 19, 2011
this is the lowest price. But still the price is almost double.

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