Square Sun Shade Sail 11 Feet 5 Inches

Sun sail shades are ideal for gardens, entryways, children's play area, patios and pools. Constructed of high density polyethylene weave fabric, it blocks 95% of the sun's dangerous UV rays while "breathing" to allow air to circulate and keep the environment underneath much cooler. With its breathable design it will also allow water to filter through. It is color fast and won't rot, mildew or mold. Shade Sails can be easily attached with its corner D-Ring. Assembled size is 11 feet 5 inches each side.
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What's the matter?
dddsss Aug 08, 2013
$24.04 now
dddsss Jul 30, 2013
Dropped from $29.99 to $28.10.
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rockinnrolla Jul 20, 2013
My mom would love this!
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glwrks Jul 19, 2013
$1.39 price drop;)
glwrks Jun 11, 2013
$4.80 price drop!
dvinegrace83 May 21, 2013
it looks very practical and easy to use. also a very affordable option!
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erick99 May 20, 2013
I can see how this would be very useful and it was also useful to read krmills1 experience using one.
EzzyLovesToSave May 20, 2013
@erick99 ...and I never knew there was such a thing:)
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krmills1 May 20, 2013
I actually use one of these over my front porch, they work great and its a lot cheaper than having a whole roof built.
glwrks May 20, 2013
@krmills1 Thanks...that's sorta what I was thinking...being rectangular, it should make like an awning if angled down from the house. In our case, it would span the sidewalk between the house & greenhouse;)
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chuckydealpl May 21, 2013
@krmills1 good idea since i have no shade on my patio but anchoring it down would be an issue for me
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dddsss Jul 30, 2013
@krmills1 but when it rains? Would also like one that would block the rain.