Ventura Tactical 45 ACP 200gr SWC Ammo Ammo for Sale

$99.75 $105.75

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We have teamed up and created a tactical ammunition line that is priced for any shooting sport. These rounds are precision loaded in fully processed once-fired brass with a 200 Grain SWC bullet. The combination yields a great accuracy and value for any shooting sport. In stock and usually ships same day.
Caliber: .45 ACP Ammo
Bullet Style: 200 Grain Lead Semi-Wadcutter
Case Type: Brass, Once Fired
Quantity: 250/loose case
Please note: Because our loadings use factory pulled & once fired components, some rounds may have slight cosmetic blemishes such as light scratches or small dents. These issues are cosmetic and will not affect firing or extraction in any way. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ammunition please contact us.
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