BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB 7-inch Tablet

*Price CUT 11/13/13
Free Shipping to store or $4.97 to ship to home.
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What's the matter?
tr1plication Nov 13, 2013
Back again 11/13/13
turnondafun Nov 10, 2012
You can side load almost any android app on these. I have one and do it all the time, very easy! Look it up!
mnvikings11 Nov 09, 2012
It's not a refurb. it's a lot cheaper then getting a mini iPad.
hemalaa Nov 09, 2012
down from $159 to $149 today.
seanvcxz Nov 09, 2012
Sorry Blackberry, I'm not sure I would take one of these if you were giving them away. I'm guessing this is a going out of business sale?
ReturninVideoTps Nov 09, 2012
Badass! This is down to $150?? Nice!
lofure Nov 09, 2012
Walmart is a nice store. The price is also great here.
wonderwoman1969 Nov 08, 2012
I love my Playbook and I agree with the first poster that it is undervalued. If you are thinking about getting your kid a tablet or a family member that doesn't need an iPad, this tablet is great. The browser is fast. There are plenty of apps. It is perfect as an ereader and 32GB is a ton of space.
hemalaa Nov 08, 2012
It is a good tablet but suffered more from availability of apps and support.
anangke Nov 08, 2012
this will only run blackberry apps.
Dexterous Nov 08, 2012
Huge discount for 32 gig, nice find
wdjdac Nov 08, 2012
This is a good deal just for the storage. I hear rumors of a new one coming out with 3G, But it is just a rumor.
wdjdac Nov 08, 2012
Can you get this in-store???
erick99 Nov 08, 2012
Playbooks are really undervalued. A 7" BlackBerry tablet with 32GB of RAM for only $160 is a fantastic deal. Plussed.