lenovo IdeaPad A1 7" Tablet | 1 GHz | 512MB | LPDDR2 600 |16GB (Refurbished)

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What's the matter?
CRAIGS1 Jul 27, 2013
newegg rebates take for ever to arrived been waiting on them for 5 months noting yet
Acidbaby Jul 27, 2013
Just remember you get what you pay for. These are complete garbage. Save a few bucks and at least get a Nook HD+ which will smoke this thing and you'll be much happier.
kevin07 Jul 27, 2013
@Acidbaby are they really that bad?? what is bad about them? I dont like tablets at all so I dont know much about them..i prefer Ipad :)
Acidbaby Jul 27, 2013
@kevin07 First off it runs a Texas Instruments processor. You know the company that makes calculators. It does not have the power to stream or play video very well. Comes with Android Gingerbread but there is an update for ICS but that will slow it down even more. WiFi connections eats this 1 cell battery up in a couple hours. Horrible screen. They have a high rate of failure or should I say being DOA. Its just all in all a pretty bad "tablet" and I use the term tablet loosely because about the most you can get out of this is using it as an e-reader.
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kevin07 Jul 27, 2013
@Acidbaby i see, thanks for the info....
Dealprince Apr 22, 2013
I came in the store that day looking for a different tablet, they were out of stock. I kept looking and found the Lenovo IdeaTab A1 7, it was on sale. It was actually a better value than the tablet I intended to purchase.
additc Apr 22, 2013
better than buying an epaper kindle
additc Apr 22, 2013
@additc or any of that other carp they have
nicole56 Apr 22, 2013
Check out the reviews before buying. I would not consider buying this.
littlexu Apr 22, 2013
Great price after rebate, though I am not a fan for rebate. Nice find.
ukaran Apr 22, 2013
After Rebate it's only $68.99. Unimaginable Price that too for a Tablet. Nice find.
MrBklynW Apr 22, 2013
good price, pretty nice price drop
mnvikings11 Apr 21, 2013
I've never seen a name brand name tablet at this low of a price, I will get a few for friends & family.
psplove Apr 21, 2013
I wish this is new great price. But is Refurbished.
iowahawkeyes Apr 21, 2013
Wow! Cheaper than it has ever been by like 20 bucks at least. This is the ideal tablet for someone who is on a budget. Its going to hold itself together due to its quality, its just not the most recent, high tech tablet.
branie Apr 21, 2013
Seems like a solid deal. Forwarding this along to my Aunt. It is in her very small budget :) Thanks
YesBoss Apr 21, 2013
Nice find , this is very good price for lenovo tablet .
DealLeader Apr 21, 2013
@YesBoss Very nice price. Wonder if it is any good.
erick99 Apr 21, 2013
It is and Android tablet. The price is really good for the specs and Lenovo is a good name so this is not a odd vendor that you have not heard of before. A good deal.
iowahawkeyes Apr 10, 2013
Lenovo is for the most part a name brand. It might not be the most high tech tablet, bt it for sure won't be junk quality.
DealLeader Feb 26, 2013
What is the OS? Android? What version?