Lenovo IdeaPad A1107 7" 16GB Android Tablet for $129 + free shipping

Coupon code "USPAD41206" cuts it to $129
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What's the matter?
derwood Dec 07, 2012
Attracted by the price.
MrBklynW Dec 06, 2012
this is a great price on a pretty descent tablet, nice find
zacharyzblewski Dec 06, 2012
The specs are pretty bad. You'd be better off spending a little more and getting something more up-to-date.
mnvikings11 Dec 06, 2012
Great little tablet for a great price, a little on the slower side, but a nice find.
hemalaa Dec 06, 2012
512 mb ram will have lot of bottle neck when you have multiple apps running. Nexus 7 or galaxy tab 2 is a better option with more $$
kennyminot Dec 06, 2012
Good price for a 7" tablet, but I think this would have to fall to $100 to make it preferable to the Nexus 7. The specs are considerably worse than the competition, but you'll still be able to do mostly everything without any problems. You don't need a quad-core processor to browse the internet, play music, and watch YouTube videos. Probably not the best choice if you want to play games.
Marsvolta84 Dec 06, 2012
I own two of these and like them very much. The OS isn't as smooth as the HP Touchpad, but it does it all. About a year ago, it probably had the most bang for the buck. The integrated GPS makes it a steal at that price in my opinion. Wish I paid that much.
yayanaji01 Dec 06, 2012
only 512MB ram!!! really sucks!!! it will make lagging when you open lot of apps.
audiocracy Dec 06, 2012
Here's the review:
nimase85 Dec 06, 2012
This a pretty good deal and and even better deal if you use the code ragingwookiee posted thanks for sharing guys :-)
ragingwookiee Dec 06, 2012
Code "USPAD41206" drops it to $129
Dexterous Dec 06, 2012
not bad for the price though not best specs
themoneyman1113 Dec 06, 2012
Nexus 7 all the way, I know a few people who have it and it is so worth the extra $50,just my opinion some may find this tablet good as well it just depends in your needs and flexibility in your budget.
rd995 Dec 06, 2012
the price seems ok if you just use it for basic stuff like reading books, browsing and maybe playing angry birds but if you are going to go a little more intense i will put $50 more and go with the nexus 7
DealLeader Dec 06, 2012
Always wonder what's not quite up to standard when the price is so low. Price is very attractive.
bossusa Dec 06, 2012
specs suck, nexus 7 is the best choice for 7inch at this point, followed by samsung galaxy tab 2
naturaldeal Dec 06, 2012
This is a good price for a tablet
arsiel Dec 06, 2012
Hmmm... specs seem just OK. Not bad for the price. Does anyone know where I could find reviews?