iPad Mini Rollback Prices from $299 at Walmart

*Free ship to store
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What's the matter?
aznballa161 Apr 19, 2013
no longer a fan of apple but i will pass this one on to my friends
deal Apr 19, 2013
Awesome deals. Can't wait for them to rollback the price on the 64GB! :)
dvinegrace83 Apr 18, 2013
Ok I think I want one now!
nimase85 Apr 18, 2013
This seem like a really good price for a ipad mini I will be sure to pass it on... Thanks for sharing
tanush6 Apr 18, 2013
iPad mini has ultrafast wireless that gives you access to high-speed cellular data networks around the world
tanush6 Apr 18, 2013
it's an iPad in every way, shape, and slightly smaller form.
akaricke Apr 18, 2013
Not sure how this makes front page with 15 saves. This deal is a lot better. No tax saves you $20+ and you also get a buy.com bonus of $45
iowahawkeyes Apr 18, 2013
@akaricke yeah also eBay has these brand new cheaper every day. The FP has a lot of junk for sure.
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deby32953 Apr 18, 2013
This is a heck of alot cheaper than what we paid for our son's!
StaciaJ Apr 14, 2013
Having an iPad minnie is like having a minnie flat screen in your purse, or bookbag. It's amazing.
chuckydealpl Apr 13, 2013
even better, target dropped their price too to match and extra 5% off with redcard
Durr21 Apr 12, 2013
nice little ipad its getting cheaper and cheaper its a nice price thanks for sharing
ukaran Apr 12, 2013
Nice to hear Roll Back Prices. This is possible ONLY at Walmart. Thanks for sharing.
mnvikings11 Apr 11, 2013
It's about damn time Walmart caught up with every 1 else.
hemalaa Apr 11, 2013
good to see a permanent rollback to the prices.
abu5692 Apr 11, 2013
At this time best price! Very good deal. Thanks
krmills1 Apr 11, 2013
I read about this on the news a couple days ago, everyone thought apple was coming out with a new vesion because of the price cut.
DealLeader Apr 11, 2013
The iPad Mini is a great device at any price, but this one is especially good!
bbattag Apr 11, 2013
Good price on a mini. CHeaper than from apple directly
Dexterous Apr 03, 2013
not bad for mini pad, thanks for sharing
iowahawkeyes Apr 03, 2013
An under 5 minute search on ebay, and you can find one even cheaper 24/7. Just saying..
littlexu Apr 03, 2013
Waiting for more price cut. Nexus 7 is still my first choice, hope it's price will drop more.
seanvcxz Apr 03, 2013
Wow, these keep coming down in price it seems like! I might have to sell my iPad 2 and buy this instead.
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bodybybouey Apr 11, 2013
@seanvcxz give it away
bossusa Apr 03, 2013
nexus 7, new version will be out this summer, and rumor is so as ipad mini. perhaps wait
bossusa Apr 03, 2013
tax kills it, ebay had these new for $309 shipped, plus cashback.

i seen it as low as 300 shipped from ebay, new again.
TLWisner Apr 03, 2013
$30 cheaper than Apple. I have the 16GB WiFi Mini and I really like it.
chuckydealpl Apr 03, 2013
price drop may indicate new mini is not far from release
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hemalaa Apr 03, 2013
looks like microcenter also has dropped the price to $299.
ukaran Apr 03, 2013
Mini iPad easy to handle and low price. Nice find.
branie Apr 03, 2013
My friend has the mini and it is just right for her. Very good to see the prices dropping even it is just a little :)
mroett01 Apr 03, 2013
Does this work? On the website, as soon as you select a color it changes back to $329.
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mroett01 Apr 03, 2013
Looks like they fixed it.
rd995 Apr 03, 2013
if you have the big one and going to the mini its just getting use to it. good price you usually dont see much discount on ipads unless a new one is about to come out
FibroMom Apr 03, 2013
Love seeing the prices coming down on these - I've been holding off to get myself one until I saw some better prices - this has me SO TEMPTED! ;)