Duct Tape (6-Pack) Sale - 3 Different Styles

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What's the matter?
zacharyzblewski Feb 28, 2013
Neat patterns and a great price for 6 rolls!
dvinegrace83 Feb 28, 2013
such fun tape! i know those printed ones are usuallky pretty costly too!
MrBklynW Feb 27, 2013
not too bad, like the designs
ukaran Feb 27, 2013
We can do WONDERS using this Tape. Definitely a Great Deal.
nimase85 Feb 27, 2013
This seems like a great price for a 6 pack... My sister loves making things with duck tape I will defiantly pass this deal on... Thanks for sharing :)
nimase85 Feb 27, 2013
duck = duct lol
Brentheriot Feb 27, 2013
My daughter has just learned how to make crafts with duct tape so I'm gonna need all the deals I can get on cute designs
Florida2Texas Feb 27, 2013
This is so useful and I probably should keep this around the house.
hemalaa Feb 27, 2013
6 pack for $10 is good one. Would be helpful for packing.
tanush6 Feb 27, 2013
for 6 at thsi price i will surely get a few
tanush6 Feb 27, 2013
duct tapes has become a fashion now..you can wrap them on your slippers and can create new ones
Christine Feb 27, 2013
i'm surprised how often i'm actually looking for duct tape. why not get a cute roll hehehe
glwrks Feb 27, 2013
Love the polka dot! I saw the cutest storage containers...just covering any kind of cardboard box. Check out google images, or pinterest for duct tape decorating ideas;)
arsiel Feb 27, 2013
Great price for a six pack of crazy looking duct tape. It's pretty pricey normally.
Dexterous Feb 27, 2013
great price for 6 packs, this is a useful stuff
bbattag Feb 27, 2013
What does anyone need designer duct tape for? Anything I'm using duct tape for can be the standard duct tape
xrjohn Feb 27, 2013
Not a bad price. We usually see them for $4 or more.
solowkoe Feb 27, 2013
this stuff will fix anything, lol. I once seen a card with this stuff holding the bumper on.
chuckydealpl Feb 27, 2013
i've haven't noticed these 'designer' style duct tapes before, better than the standard gray.
littlexu Feb 27, 2013
Thanks for the post. My daughter wants these to make wallets for her friends.
branie Feb 27, 2013
Super cool style, great deal for 6 rolls :) Nice find.