Can Ram - Aluminum Can Crusher, Crushes 10 cans in 10 seconds!

choose "ace hardware" as the seller

Crushes 10 cans in 10 seconds
Holds 6 cans with only 2 moving parts
Automatic chamber entry & ejection
Rust-proof, high-tech nylon
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What's the matter?
bbattag Aug 24, 2012
Throw can on ground and step on it! Much cheaper. lol
seanvcxz Aug 22, 2012
I feel like I could have fun with this for a while. Not the biggest price drop, but I didn't really know these existed so thanks for posting!
shopange08 Aug 22, 2012
I drink soda like it's my job.. this would be great to save some space in my recycling bin.. Thanks for sharing!
tpark6283 Aug 22, 2012
I know someone who recycles cans, this might help them use less space.
dvinegrace83 Aug 22, 2012
dude how cool is this!! would really make recycling easier!
pravallika Aug 22, 2012
I bought one.
ArtemisDeals Aug 22, 2012
Very nice for making less room and in my area its .75 cents a pound for crushed cans :) If you drink alot of pop or beer it adds up fast :)
Dexterous Aug 22, 2012
Not a big price drop on this crusher but still worthy
arsiel Aug 22, 2012
Can you still get that nickel back in states that are written on the side of the can if you crush it? (I'm from NJ so we don't really have that here)
This would be perfect to save space in our recycling bin though
themoneyman1113 Aug 22, 2012
My friends in RI & NH could use this, here in Mass we pay a deposit so we (try) to get it back:)
erick99 Aug 21, 2012
I had a similar thing bolted to the side of a house I used to own. The boys loved crushing cans and it does make them quite small.
catchersmom Aug 21, 2012
I could really use this, thanks
notadeal Aug 21, 2012
These can be useful, but I wouldn't trust a plastic can crusher to hold up for long.
krmills1 Aug 21, 2012
I really need to get one of these, we throw so many aluminum cans away in the garbage and we need to start being better recyclers!
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