Tool Solutionsâ„¢ Handheld Electric Bug Zapper - Zap Flying Insects Instantly

Zaps Insects Instantly When You Hit Them With This Zapper
Racket Shape Allows You To Practice Your Backhand, Forehand, and Serve!
Small Compact Size Fits In Any Outdoor Bag, Large Purse, Or Backpack
Play Several Rounds With This Zapper And Win The MATCHPOINT Every Time!
Uses 2 AA Batteries (Not Included)
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What's the matter?
RedHeadSaver Jul 19, 2012
I've heard this thing works great- my friends kids love using it.
bbattag Jul 16, 2012
The bugs around me better watch out. Might have to buy one.
catchersmom Jul 16, 2012
There fun, but when you kill a fly it's not to fun to watch LOLOLOL
tahoejeff Jul 15, 2012
These do work great! Keep in mind, when zapping bugs around food or drink...the bugs do explode a bit when zapped. This can send some parts flying.
s_m1978 Jul 15, 2012
Perfect for campings :-)
ancagavs Jul 15, 2012
I never saw a handheld zapper, I di not even know they existed. nice one, I like it, maybe to have some fun outside :)
Brentheriot Jul 15, 2012
These are a lot of fun! (for adults) and I saw them at Walmart recently.
MrBklynW Jul 14, 2012
ooh fun, this is my favorite item to key mosquitos, besides smacking them with a newspaper=P
heyimdennise Jul 14, 2012
These are great for camping, and just around the house when those pesky flies come in!
rmg0321 Jul 14, 2012
Bought one at Walmart for $6.97
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bhelland Jul 14, 2012
These are so much fun :)
shimisi Jul 14, 2012
You can get a 2-pack for $11 :)
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ArtemisDeals Jul 14, 2012
hehe this looks like tons of fun! I cant wait until it comes and in the mail :)
nimrodboy3 Jul 14, 2012
these things are pretty fun...i's kinda' weird and cruel..but man it's so much fun!
rockinnrolla Jul 14, 2012
This looks like FUN! May pick one up for the hubby! :)
iowahawkeyes Jul 14, 2012
I don't know about you girls, but as a guy I enjoy zapping bugs. Its almost fun. hahahahahaha
shopange08 Jul 14, 2012
Girls enjoy it too! :)
dvinegrace83 Jul 14, 2012
yesss!! i need this! especially since fly season is getting crazy around here!
Dexterous Jul 14, 2012
I had bought this tapper in 4 bucks. This is useful tool but once you knock on wall its over
poe601 Jul 14, 2012
I keep saying I'm gonna buy one and at this price, now is the time!
erick99 Jul 13, 2012
The folks in my neighborhood seem to buy these for the entertainment value. It sounds like a little firecracker goes off when they swat a bug.
krmills1 Jul 13, 2012
I keep seeing these everywhere and I have always wanted to know if they really worked or not, thanks for the info.
themoneyman1113 Jul 13, 2012
I really could have just used this outside, those damn bugs were all over me. Good useful find.
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lilywow Jul 13, 2012
I just bought one of these. They work great and they are so fun to play with.
gangstabarbie Jul 13, 2012
i have this sitting in my house and i have yet to use it. cant wait to see a bug
zoneric Jul 14, 2012
Go outside in the evening/night and you'll see a lot of bugs :D You'll surely use this.