All-New Furby - PreOrder from Amazon for $54 and FREE SHIPPING

You can pre-order up to two of each color. You are not charged until they ship on 9/16. This URL takes you to a page with all six colors. You can check off the ones you want and add them to your cart.

Furby responds to your voice and to music
Pet Furby's head, tickle its tummy, or pull its tail and see what happens
Feed Furby with your finger
App is optional and works with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone with iOS 4.2 or later
Includes 1 Furby and instructions

Time to dust off your Furbish dictionary because Furby is back and ready to take the world by storm. Feed it, speak to it, tickle it, play music for it and shake, tilt or turn your Furby upside down. But be warned - how you treat your Furby will shape its personality. Are you ready to handle a Furby? Who will your Furby become? It all depends on how you play you’re your Furby. When you first meet your Furby, it will speak mostly Furbish. But the more you play with Furby, the more English it will speak. It responds to your touch, your music, and even to other Furbys (each sold separately). But remember: your Furby has a mind of its own. You can also download a free app to help you translate Furbish, as well as virtually feed your Furby and other interactive features. App is optional and works with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone with iOS 4.2 or later.
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What's the matter?
erick99 Aug 08, 2012
I ordered two of each color in case the world goes crazy over them. That would help my budget for Christmas shopping. If we get close to the shipping date and nothing is going on I will cancel my order.
erick99 Aug 05, 2012
You can always pre-order some from Amazon as they won't charge your card until the ship date. If they seem to be hot you can make some money on eBay or Craigslist or just own a few of the hot gifts :) You can cancel up to the day before they ship or just return them and pay the shipping charges.
FibroMom Aug 05, 2012
I can Not believe these are Back! Can't wait to see the NEW ONES in action! Thanks for sharing this "New Age/RETRO" deal! ;)
arsiel Aug 04, 2012
Part of me wants one but the more sensible part of me knows I'll hate it eventually. My parents got me one when they initially came out years ago... I was a little spoiled :/
ReturninVideoTps Aug 04, 2012
Lol saw that these were making a it of a comeback...NOT looking forward to it
erick99 Aug 04, 2012
I am wondering if these won't get sold out early just from the hype and we will seem them on eBay for $100 each. I saw where one auction closed for $89 where a guy sold two pre-sales. I guess these people didn't realize they could buy them for $54 themselves from Amazon.
boricua1 Aug 04, 2012
lol!!! My daughters use to have find
dealwagger Aug 04, 2012
Poor Furby is so ugly it's not worth the $34... lol
krmills1 Aug 04, 2012
I have the original Furby, still in the box! My wife had to fight a crowd at Wal-mart on black friday one year to get it though.