Banzai Yo-Be Flying Disk

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Strap on the wristband and get ready for a whole new way to play with the Banzai Yo-Be Flying Disk. Throw it like a flying disc and trick it like a yo-yo to make it come back to you with just flick of you wrist. Master the featured tricks or create your own! Yo-Be is the latest in outdoor fun! The unique aerodynamic design creates high-flying action while the tethered elastic cord introduces a new dimension of control and aerobatic movement. This one-of-a-kind sling disc combines the freestyling fun of a flying disc with the tricks of a traditional yo-yo. Yo-Be is easy to use but challenging to master so strap on the Power Leash Wristband and get ready to push your skills to the limit with fast move and endless tricks!

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