Discovery Kids Ice Cream Maker

Your kids will have a ball making homemade ice cream in their very own ice cream maker. It has everything you need to make and enjoy a sundae including four spoons, four cups, scoop and two topping shakers. Ice cream maker also has a rotating Lazy Susan for adding sprinkles and other toppings for even more fun. Includes vanilla ice cream recipe.
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What's the matter?
krmills1 Jan 07, 2013
Very nice deal for an ice cream maker, and a lot of fun for the little kids!
saint_b19 Jan 07, 2013
great deal!
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bbattag Jan 07, 2013
I'm guessing this doesn't work very well. Look at the reviews before buying
tpark6283 Jan 07, 2013
For the $5 its worth it to see if the bad reviews are true or not
natarajansaktive Jan 07, 2013
Really I am very Happy to see this Deal because this is a deal for kids. Nice Find
zoneric Jan 07, 2013
this is a great price. for this amount of money, the reviews aren't that important.
ancagavs Jan 07, 2013
great price. and a cool idea to bond with your family :)
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helloamy1977 Jan 06, 2013
One review says to put the metal bucket in the freezer first to help harden when making it
additc Jan 06, 2013
i got it just to see.
it was only $5.
anyone know how long it takes to make the ice cream?
ancagavs Jan 07, 2013
you got it? let us know how it works :)
additc Jan 07, 2013
sure, the reviews on the site aren't that good though.
additc Jan 07, 2013
its coming wednesday! woohoo cant wait.
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additc Jan 23, 2013
I ended up giving it away to a kid for his b-day
blackfoot Jan 06, 2013
Looks like a fun toy for the kids for only $5
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rd995 Jan 06, 2013
good price if it doesnt work just return it but only 5 bucks
poe601 Jan 06, 2013
Wonder if they have this in store, I will have to check. Great price!
tnglm003 Jan 07, 2013
Check the link for stock at your location. They will hold it for pick-up.
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themoneyman1113 Jan 06, 2013
Fun to make home made icecream with the kids, nice deal and for
$5 it is worth a try, thanks for sharing.
ancagavs Jan 07, 2013
it's a nice way of having some family fun time, right? :)
zoneric Jan 07, 2013
I love doing stuff with my family. and this is an excellent idea.
rockinnrolla Jan 06, 2013
What a great price for a kids ice cream maker! Nice find!
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shopange08 Jan 06, 2013
The reviews on this product are not very good, but it might still be worth a shot for $4.99..
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tnglm003 Jan 06, 2013
I thought the same thing, but for the price and they have 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. You can return anything bought online either through the mail or any store.
MrBklynW Jan 06, 2013
yeah i was thinking the same thing. $5 is worth the risk, let see how it goes=)
zoneric Jan 07, 2013
for $5 I don't think you need to return it if you're not satisfied.
MdavidK30 Jan 06, 2013
Does this make real ice cream??
tnglm003 Jan 06, 2013
Yes, it does. I have never used it.
MdavidK30 Jan 06, 2013
zoneric Jan 07, 2013
I'm not into ice cream, but this is nice. and great gift idea too.
dvinegrace83 Jan 07, 2013
that's what i wanna know too. i have an ice cream maker aimed towards kids and it takes for-e-VER!
MdavidK30 Jan 07, 2013
For $5.00- you can't go wrong to try it out!