H-Racer 2.0 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

H-Racer 2.0 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car
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The H-racer is a micro-version of what engineers and scientists have been dreaming about for real cars: combining hydrogen with oxygen to generate a DC current to power an electric motor. Unlike a gas-powered car engine, the only byproducts are electricity and pure water. Horizon has created a unique, patented miniature fuel-cell car and hydrogen refueling station. The Refueling Station creates hydrogen by electrolysis using water, and once the car's hydrogen tank is full, the car can run on its own hydrogen fuel-cell system, with the simple flip of a switch.
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Mar 11, 2013
never heard of something like this before on a childs toy
Mar 10, 2013
ah, an interesting car. never seen one of these before.

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