LEGO Minecraft The Nether Portal 21143 (470 Pieces)

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Includes a Steve LEGO® Minecraft™ minifigure, plus blaze, small magma cube and baby zombie pigman figures, and a ghast figure that shoots fireball-decorated discs
Features a buildable Minecraft™ Nether setting with portal, flames, mushrooms and lava-flow function, plus a minecart and a curved rail track system
Check out the new-for-January-2018, larger ghast with its 9 tentacles, deep-set red eyes and disc-firing function–shoots 2 discs without reloading!
Grab your diamond sword, jump aboard the minecart and journey through the portal to reach the Nether!
Battle the ferocious, flying blaze and the fireball shooting ghast, and mine glowstone that really glows in the dark!

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