Solar Power Motion Toy - Bicycle Rider

Solar Power Motion Toy - Bicycle Rider
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This is one of the most unique kinetic motion toys you'll find. The legs of the bicyclist move up and down as they peddle the bike, cranking away as if going for a casual cruise down the street. The swiveling solar panel can get its power either from direct sunlight or from the lamp. Rotate the solar panel to face the sun, or if there's not enough sunlight in your work environment, plug in the lamp and turn the solar panel to face it. A very attractive and fun motion toy for your office.

Base is 9" x 6", overall 8" tall. Metal bicyclist (shiny chrome finish) on a plastic base (matte silver finish) in front of a translucent white plastic oval. Solar panel, light bulb with electric cord, and motor are mounted on the base behind the oval.
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