Airlines Starting to Charge for Overhead Bins?!


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With increasing checked baggage fees, many passengers do what they can to take luggage on board. The downside is that not all aircraft can accommodate carry-on luggage for all guests due to limited bin storage space.

To alleviate this issue, two new technologies are being developed. One involves a colored light to indicate an overhead bin has space available. A green light indicates space is completely available, yellow indicates partially available and red means no space. Another technology in the works would allow passengers to book bin space above your seat in advance.

No airlines have started to offer these new technologies yet, but when they do, they will be available to guests as an upsell.

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Would you pay more to guarantee overhead bin space on a flight for your luggage?

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Comments (4)

eelankford (L1)
4 days ago
They charge $65.00 for what used to be overhead storage. Now you can take a bookbag that's it. It's a total ripoff. They won't let you hold your overhead bin size bag in your lap and you can't go anywhere for two weeks with what fits in a book bag. All these oeopke saying "yes no problem" are going to get a nasty surprise when they buy their next tickets. The airlines have a monopoly and they know it.
vclose (L1)
5 days ago
rjhurani (L1)
5 days ago
no way
stewartcherek (L1)
6 days ago

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