Awesome Cute Ostrich Pillow | Comfortable Power Naps + Anytime Anywhere Office Travel

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What's the matter?
Alisa2012 Apr 11, 2013
Oh,my god! So cute!
Nvaldera Apr 11, 2013
This is beyond weird, thanks for sharing!
additc Apr 11, 2013
i saw these for like $100, although i think this might be a copy of the original. (which i dont recommend purchasing)
tyguy66 Apr 10, 2013
Lol, very interesting item. I think I would feel claustrophobic in that pillow.
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MrBklynW Apr 10, 2013
lols what an interesting item, nice find
Jlowry Apr 10, 2013
this looks really weird she looks like an alien, this doesn't seem to comfortable
backspace Apr 09, 2013
I have to try it to feel how it is...Looks like i gonna suffocate
tpark6283 Apr 09, 2013
Haha this is one unique pillow!! nice find
seanvcxz Apr 09, 2013
I've seen these pillows before and I think they are nuts. I mean they might be comfortable, but they look really weird.
helloamy1977 Apr 09, 2013
a lot of people bought one maybe its something you need to try first since it is strange looking ....ostriches bury there heads I think thats where they got the design from
shimisi Apr 09, 2013
How strange-looking. Probably feels strange too. I'm still trying to see the ostrich aspect to it too..
chuckydealpl Apr 09, 2013
I think people would get paranoid and I would get kicked off the plane if I wore this
mikhaila Apr 09, 2013
I think my kids would get more of an enjoyment out of this than I would. this is just weird lol.
aznballa161 Apr 09, 2013
what the hell is this! doesn't look very comfortable, someone buy and give us a review
s_m1978 Apr 09, 2013
It's not at all awesome....I don't think any1 likes pillow on their head...
dvinegrace83 Apr 09, 2013
@s_m1978 lol!! Me included! Must admit tho I've known and witnessed people who like to sleep with their heads covered with a blanket or buried under a pillow. I think his product caters to that demographic. :P
jasoned Apr 09, 2013
I don't know if cute is the word I would use.
nthsll Apr 09, 2013
Who could possibly sleep with something like this on their head?
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EzzyLovesToSave Apr 09, 2013
@nthsll Certainly, not me:)
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Acidbaby Apr 09, 2013
Just goes to show what kind of garbage makes the front page. Is this taff pick?
zarrow Apr 09, 2013
@Acidbaby Just goes to show that visitors to this site like weird/crazy just as much (if not more) than a good deal.
Acidbaby Apr 09, 2013
@zarrow what do you think the over under is on how many people bought one. Id put it at 1.
zoneric Apr 09, 2013
what a weird way to sleep. i don't thin it's comfortable. however, who knows, if I never tried it.
ancagavs Apr 09, 2013
now this looks really strange. don't you suffocate in that?
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shopange08 Apr 09, 2013
This is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. :)
candzyangel Apr 09, 2013
So cute. I thought it's an alien. lolz.
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 09, 2013
@candzyangel I did too:)